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Ten Things of Thankful-feeling the love

I’ve been thinking lately about the things that make me hapy. I always count my family, friends, and my ability to see the light in a grey cloud. I lived costal for nearly three years and one thing it taught me was to appreciate the sunny days when they happened. This was supposed to be part of the TTOT linkup but a faulty phone app froze and I missed the deadline. I’m going to post it anyways because life’s too short to not be thankful for my blessings! 

I’m thankful for a enjoyable spring break with my kids. It rained a couple of days but the last four have been perfect. We went for walks by the river, played in the backyard, made crafts, relaxing in the hot tub, and today was a perfect day for a water gun fight. And also seeing a sunset like this tonight. 

I’m thankful for learning how to paper mâché with my son’s behavioural aid. Even my oldest got into the fun as well. I’m excited to reveal our project for you next week. 

I’m thankful for getting caught up on laundry and housework over the week. You can’t tell I did much now so I’ll be back to the grind tomorrow. 

I’m thankful that my kids had a great experience at their dentist. The staff was friendly, professional and polite. Watching soccer on the flat screen was a big hit with both my boys and led to some interesting conversations. The office having IPads in the kids room was also a big hit with my kids. I was so impressed with how the staff addressed my concerns regarding my youngest son’s autism and comfort level. I’m so happy we found an office that’s close to all our other professional services. 

I’m thankful for relaxing, watching movies, learning Minecraft techniques, and baking with my son’s who are full of energy. We had a great time and I got a break this weekend from being there entertainment director. 

I’m thankful for sunny days, visiting with the neighbours, and digging in the dirt. It’s so exciting to see that spring has finally sprung    Now I’m anxious to get out and garden as soon as the morning frost disappears. Mother Nature has a sense of humour to be desired. 

 I’m thankful for coming to the blog to tell you what makes me happy and gives me a thankful heart. 

I’m thankful for you my dear readers and making it to 600 of you lovely followers. I’m grateful you like to pop by and read what I’m musing about. 

Pixabay free photo no copyright or attribution required

I’m thankful for finding a local special needs community. A few faces I recognized from moving here and I look forward to making new friends for myself and my family. Special needs parenting can be lonely and isolating so to find others like our family is a blessing indeed. 

I’m thankful for having wonderful friends who invite me out to have fun, chat, and remind me that I’m not alone in life. Even my friends who are farther away who check in with a text, message, and a phone call just to see how I am. 


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Monday Musings-Procrastination

Here we are 11 days before Christmas and anyone ready for it? Slowly raising hand in the back of a crowded shopping mall… Actually you won’t find me anywhere near a shopping mall I avoid them like the plague. I’m a very sensory individual so my personal bubble is close like a vest. I have to resist the urge to throat punch most people around this busy bustling season. 

I’m usually quite a calm person but the harried, hectic energy of the holidays sends me into a tailspin! Just driving into a parking lot to mail my Christmas cards is enough to send me into a panic attack as I drive around and around looking for a parking spot. I prefer to do my shopping really early or late at night at a big box store. Then if all else fails I have the online option sitting on my couch and I don’t even have to wear pants! I do though because it’s winter and damn cold in my fridge box of a house. 


This isn’t my meme, I found it on Facebook and it’s brilliant dont you think? ?

My husband discovered I turned up the heat last night to a balmy + 25 degrees. Comparing that to 77 degrees Fahrenheit which some states are experiencing this winter! Our Canadian one came upon us graciously and gradually compared to the blizzard of 2014 that had me wearing my winter coat and freezing my ass off in September brrrrrr! 

This year we were blessed with chinooks (a beautiful phenomenon that has warm air meeting cold air and the result is higher temperatures) In October we had a + 20 degree day ( 68 degrees Farenheit) and I set up the bouncy house for my kids. They loved it as did I, it’s a great workout bouncing all my stress away. It was fabulous and fleeting but I enjoyed every minute of it. 


This is my meme and an example of the mighty Chinook weather pattern

Getting back to the winter and procrastination at hand, I’m not usually a Bah humbug I love Christmas as you can read about here. But I’m a Grinch about shopping it’s either done very early or very late on my time table. This year early didn’t factor into my plans and late well I’m not entirely there yet but I will be soon if I don’t stop procrastinating! 

In my defence though I had the flu bug hit my home like an assault team taking no prisoners. It took down each member of my family with no mercy. I cleaned up enough bodily fluids and wiped down and sanitized every square inch of my household. I was cursing the former owners on their decision to install beige carpeting in my kids rooms! 

Even now my plan was to mail off my Christmas cards and parcels today but my youngest child is sick with a nasty chest cold. I’m doing my best to not share in that misery but my loving little germ factory is crawling all over me as I write this. Sigh I can’t say I blame him though all I want is my Mommy cuddles when I’m sick. But unfortunately heaven doesn’t take drop ins just permanent guests. 

I felt I was more on the ball this time then last year. There was a death in my family two weeks before Christmas and with that experience I learned 

  1. That death can devastate you even at the most special time of year 
  2.  That the good really do die young. 

     3.Cancer really, really, sucks. 
This year I had one of my closest friends and a family member die. It’s a time of self reflection, sadness, and also to realize what’s important in life. Not the crossing off every present on my kids list, shopping for family members that can’t shop for themselves, or even passing along my own wish list to my husband. Who was kind enough to buy me some new specs so that I can see properly since my eyes are getting older. 

The list that matters that I’ve lived, loved, and learned from is as follows.

  1. Kindness above everything  is the most important gift to possesses and give freely. 
  2. Gratitude is a game changer in life. If you’re not grateful for what you have, you won’t appreciate what you want. 
  3. Love solves everything, is everything, and means everything. 

It’s like the good ole wise Grinch from Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas found out and narrated by the late great Boris Karlov says:

It’s time for #Mondaymusings and all you have to do is this list of things. 

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Dear Mother Nature…

You are a fickle bitch, there I said it. I promised myself I wasn’t going to complain about the weather when I moved, but here I am doing exactly that!!! But seriously let’s talk about your fickleness, first I’m enjoying beautiful balmy +25 temperatures in September. Then I’m in for a shock the next day when it’s -1 with gulp, 15 centimetres of snow!!! ❄ This artic chill and really early snowfall came to be known Canada wide as #snowtember. ⛄️ Online media jumped on this like a fat kid on a smarty. No offence, I’d kill for some smarties right now. My Facebook newsfeed was clogged up with how cold is it questions? Cold enough to freeze snotcickles. (And no, that’s not a word I just made it up) ? Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree with all the tweets, and #abstorm started trending. My own friends (lovely ones at that) started texting me pics of them at the beach. And my own sister in-law posted a pic of a beautiful sunny day in my beloved Okanagan. Oh yes there was a lot sorry not sorries, sucks to be you, did you unpack your snow shovel comments. This freakish weather lasted 4 days while I unpacked snow suits and winter boots to endure it. Then the cold front moves on and +20 was the regular temperature for a week. Then I put away winter gear just to look for shorts and sandals again. Do you see how crazy this is?!!! Yesterday was cold, rainy, and so windy I expected to see a funnel cloud over my house. There’s still branches and trees all over the province that probably won’t be all cleared away till November!!! We’ll probably have 3 feet of snow by then. ? And this morning I saw blue sky with a touch of sunshine, with excitement I put away my umbrella. I checked the weather forecast and it was -5, WTF Mother Nature is this some cruel joke? Do you know how hard it is to get kids to leave the house at -5 for school?!!! I had to bribe them with hot chocolate just to get them out the door on time. ? And honestly I didn’t want to leave my nice , comfy, warm, bed this morning either. Now it’s supposed to warm up to +8, and I’m grateful for that because my legs have just started to unthaw. So this gives me the opportunity to get my hot tub set up before the winter chill gets worse, and freezes my garden hose. I’ve lived in 3 provinces so far now. In the Interior a beautiful sunny area with 2000 hours + sunshine from May to October. A costal area with 2 months of rain, 14 hours of sunshine in January, snow in the spring, and summer from July to October. In the Eastern area with hot humid subject to change on a whim weather, and lots of construction. I even experienced the tail end of a hurricane that blew down my fence and branches, from an old willow in my backyard. And now I’m Southern or Northern depends on what direction you’re driving. I enjoy blue skies for miles, clouds so fluffy they look like marshmallows, snow in the summer, and a beautiful view of the snow capped Rockies. ? I always wanted to be a weather girl from those early days of growing up with 2 TV channels. I was fascinated with weather patterns at a young age, as I watched more news than cartoons. It’s a shame Mother Nature that I’m starting to argue with you as much as that other little vixen SIRI. I was warned before I moved here when I had friends posting pics of snow in May, and in shorts and tanks top the next day!!! Did I listen yes, did I unpack my snow boots no, did I giggle and say to myself glad that not me, yes. So here I am eating crow and being introduced to the queen bitch of them all, Karma. I’m expecting great things from you Mother Nature for October lets take some happy pills, and get down to business. Please let there be no snow for Halloween, copious amounts of sunshine, and if you throw in a Chinook for the next week I’ll call it even. ☀️

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