House of A Writer

Welcome to my blog where I share my special needs parenting journey with my heart, truth, and love, one story at a time. ❤️

Words Upon the Page

What could I place here except my words upon the page? Of love, lust, romance, in the pages that I read. Or of how I like to write in the still of the night while listening to the sounds of slumber. Of dreams I’ve had, thoughts I created, and books I wish to have wrote. I’m a just a mere vessel giving birth to the language of my heart. To read, to write, to feel the passion inside bursting forth from me.

Where does it come from, how did it come to be, this deep raw emotion inside of me? It came from my birth as I yearn for a time before me. Of castles, royalty, peasants, and the like. The call of my ancestors haunts me and I wish to walk in their footsteps. To feel what they felt, and hear what they heard, and wrap myself up in their majestic memories. Of Celtic tales of long ago cradling me in it’s mossy, lovely, presence as the ghosts of the past come back to life and I live vicariously through them. My Celtic blood runs strong in my veins, and I long to be free to explore these dreams and visions that come to me.

Of a little girl with a head of strawberry curls, and she beckons to me in the ethers. Shall I follow her and if I did where would we go? Would I end up on the lost island of Hye Brazil lost long ago within the shroud of mystery. I hear the call of my homeland to a place I only know in my dreams. Where fields of green greet me and I feel a chill in the air as the waves crash against the craggy cliffs. And I’m transported in time and space as I take the hand of the little girl with the strawberry curls, and she giggles and dances with glee, as I sit down to rest.

“Where are we going dear one. I ask?” “To the land that you love the best.” “Where do you come from my sweet one, and why is it me you seek?” ” I come from the land as the same as you, the beauty of the north, the strong and true.” I come to the homelands of my parents birth as you can see, it’s the most beautiful place on earth.” I did not seek you, I just came as you called, I’ve answered your hearts yearning and have calmed your fears.” She answered. As I see beauty all around me I must dry my tears. As the waves pound against the shore and I find myself craving more. The Irish sea rises up to greet me as I tiptoe across the sand, I know in all sincerity this is my homeland.