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I need to find some patience, I had it in the pocket of my jeans but I can’t find it now. Maybe it fell out when I washed them last night. Such an existential thought thinking of patience as an object instead of a thing to covet. I need to find time for my laundry. It’s like the mountain is waiting to crash down on me and cover me in overwhelm. How do 2 adults, and 2 children go through so much clothes in a week? It baffles my mind, and I spend so much time in my laundry room I’ve installed a wine rack in there. I need to find more time to figure out WordPress. I decide to sign up with top Mommy bloggers just to test the waters out for my little blog. And as I was signing out the form it said copy and paste this as a widget and place it on the side bar. What? Honestly it’s like speaking Greek to me. So I spent some time customizing my blog changed a format here, add a color there, and try and find out what the hell a widget is. Of course I went into the forum and read some info, more Greek in my opinion. I’m just a simple gal, common, ordinary, who opens up my W app and starts writing. I know nothing about customizing but I think it looks ok. I changed my blog name to represent it to be more like me. I didn’t even know when I signed up for a WordPress account that jsack1 was going to be my original name. I’m too shy and afraid of ax murders to use my really name. Yes I know that’s a wee bit far fetched, but a concern all the same. So as my name changed, the way I want to be read should change too. Let me know what you think, give me advice etc, because I’m just like a toddler mixing colors of paint here. ? I need to keep searching and maybe I’ll find some more confidence to promote myself and blog more. I enjoy linkups and reading other blogs is one of my favourite past times. I need to find more time to write, sleep, eat, run, play, and discover that playful nature inside of me. I need to find my self worth and start looking inside for that joy, instead of outside of myself. I need to find what topic I was originally writing about jeans, patience, WP 101, self esteem?!! Welcome to the Saturday morning ramblings of my mind. ?

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