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Guest blog with Imperfect Mom-Sunday dinners

I’m excited to have today’s guest blogger here in my corner of the WordPress world. Imperfect Mom and I first met up on the linkups for Sunday confessions. I was struck by her honesty, wit, and talent. She’s so far from imperfect, and so kind and genuine. That to me is a perfect quality in a friend. I’m happy that last year we bonded through our blogs and have become wonderful friends. She’s a wonderful woman with a beautiful love story that gives me goosebumps. As well as being an amazing Mom, sister, and Grandma. You can read about her journey here

And follow her here

I was asked to do a guest blog post for a wonderful blogger and very special friend, JSacksmom. She is on Facebook too so check her out there too!!

As a young girl I remember Sunday dinners at my grandparents house vividly. We arrived early so my mom could help my grandmother (my Nana), to cook the meal. Sometimes cousins were there to play with, and sometimes it was just my sister and I. Until my brother came along then we had to occupy him so mom could help. We would play outside if it was nice enough to do so, exploring the back yard which butted up against a hillside that was overgrown with trees. We had friends who lived in the neighborhood near my Nana, so often we were next door in their back yard playing hopscotch, Chinese jump rope or jacks. Sometimes we even climbed up in the trees and just sat on a limb talking. When the weather wasn’t nice we mostly just sat in the living room with our Papa and watch television. Papa had a couple of strokes so he didn’t really interact with us too much. He often just sat in his rocking chair watching whatever happened to be on the TV. Sometimes during a moment of lucidity he would play practical jokes on us kids, and if we were running in the house he thought it was funny to stick out his cane to try to trip us. Sometimes we were caught off guard and we would trip, but often times we knew somehow that he was in a ornery mood so we avoided his prankster ways. He wasn’t being mean to us, we knew that he loved us but the strokes had done damage to his once agile body and he had a hard time walking or doing much of anything.

Mom would call us in when it was almost time to eat so that we could wash our hands and help set the table. Carrying dishes of hot food, salt and pepper, and dishes with sliced meat and potatoes which were usually the Sunday fare. We would fill the glasses with milk or water while Nana made her gravy for whatever meat she was serving that day. It always tasted great too, my Nana was an excellent cook. She made pretty much everything from scratch and it was always fresh, whereas my mom used more pre-packaged and convenience foods. I remember dishes of food being passed around and nobody ate until everybody’s plates were filled with steaming hot food. We said grace and would eat our meal with not a lot of talking. I don’t recall hearing lots of talking during dinner, but it could be just because we were so young and it didn’t really concern us. Or it could have been because we were all just quiet. After dinner everyone pitches in and helps to clear the table and clean up dishes before sitting down to spend some family time doing whatever. Talking, playing a game, or just hanging out listening to music, until dessert is served.

My Nana passed away not long after I graduated high school, she was very special to me and I miss her quite a bit. She is why I wanted my granddaughter to call me Nana, because I remember only great things about her and I hope my granddaughter recalls great things about me as well.

In the past year or so I have managed to reinvigorate the Sunday dinner tradition for my family. Even though each week it is just us for dinner, I still think it is important in this busy a go-go world to sit down and share a relaxing meal. We talk about what each person has coming up that week and catch up on what we may have missed the week before. But mostly we just enjoy being together. I plan the meal and do my best to make everything from scratch and make it something that we don’t always have. Sometimes it is a new recipe I saw on TV or something that popped into my head late at night or in a dream. I have since learned to make some of the things my Nana made and to this day I am still amazed that I am able to recreate the tastes I remember as a kid, considering my mom didn’t really allow us in the kitchen when she was fixing dinner. I got to learn many of the things I know just by accident, as well as things I have learned on TV later in life. I hope to build precious memories with the hope that one day my children will carry on the tradition of sitting down to a relaxing meal together as a family unit. Even if it just once a week.



Friday’s Feats and Fails

Oh another week flew by and it’s already Friday, how does that keep happening? Monday seems to be the longest day then there’s must see TV in between there and wahoo Friday Funtime.


It was a beautiful day this past Friday and my kids and I went and played at the park. A new one had been set up in the neighborhood, so it was awesome to have a new place to play. The bonus was everyone was having fun including me, while chasing my kids up and down the slide. Usually my Mad dog wants to stay and play for hours and my Captain is tired after a long day of school. But this time it was a win/win for everybody. And we walked home and the Captain had a great day. It makes me smile and breath a sigh of relief for him as the bullying incidences have been hard on all of us.


I had a great weekend because my sister and brother in-law came to visit. The only fail was I didn’t get all my housework done or my hot tub set up. Plus I was up late on Saturday night and a sloth the next day. But really who cares, I got to watch movies and drink wine with my sister so it’s all good. Besides she comes to see me and my family not my house. ?


Sunday wasn’t very productive but I learned a new dance at theatre practice and I was proud of myself because I nailed it. While some others were struggling with the routine I wasn’t, so I was able to help out a little. Sometimes I feel like a piece of furniture there without a speaking role so it was nice to feel useful. Monday was awesome, my hubby let me sleep in and I got caught up on housework. My poor l little boy caught a cold so he had hot chocolate and snuggles with me. I love days like that, I just get all warm and fuzzy feeling so loved. ?


I found out on Sunday night my best friends Mom passed away. It literally shattered my heart. I could feel all my bestie’s pain as I have walked this path myself. And they were very close, like my beloved Momma and I were. After My Mom passed, Lucy said I would never be alone because I had her. And they got to know each other very well living in the same facility. I took great comfort in knowing I was so loved and looked after, at that time I was feeling such despair. So I couldn’t sleep much all week so I wrote a blog and dedicated it to Lucy. My bestie was very touched and I offered to sing at Lucy’s funeral. She was a precious gem of a lady so I’m honoured to be able to do that for her and her family. Such an emotional week already then my Captain came home and told me he got bullied again!!! He also said that the administration staff don’t consider what’s happening to him as bullying. Because it’s not consistent, and only happening with different kids, so they spoke to him about coping strategies. Well I was waiting for the last incident to be resolved and now I have to deal with this new one. WTF is going on with kids today? What gives them the right to physically harm my kid?!!! I told my son exactly what I felt and I probably should’ve used more discretion. Because his response was “wow Mom I didn’t know you could say all those swear words all at once!” Yeah I’m a truckers daughter and I have the potty mouth to prove it. ?


On Thursday I had a meeting with the school staff and I made a point of telling them how well liked my son was in his previous school. The questions I brought up was what’s going on with yours? And do I have to come supervise him on the playground? We disagreed on the actual term of bullying. Never the less they’re recognizing it as a problem, and maybe he needs someone help transitioning to his new school. Do you think? I just want each and every kid that physically hurts my son to know that there are consequences. And the school assured me that’s what’s happening. Community service seems to be the go to punishment of choice. I don’t care if these brats are scrubbing toilets or picking up garage, stay away from my son!!! So now the administration want to help my son with some sensory needs as he’s been complaining about too much noise and commotion in class. I got through the meeting without cursing, crying, and put some a strategies in place to help my Captain, so way to go Redneck Mama!!!


Since the Captain has started playing hockey he’s loving it. As well being tired, sore, and moody. So little Mad dog is home being sick and miserable and big brother is grumpy. Boom!!!! The two of them get sick of each other and epic melt down was the result. It was so bad that I had to leave the house. I should’ve been more patient, but I’m emotionally worn out this week, so my patience bucket’s empty.
I ended up taking the youngest out to McDonald’s play land and he had fun after being cooped up inside. I was glad he was feeling better too, since that means I can catch up on some zzzz’s myself. The Captain got to spend one-on-one time with his Dad, watching hockey and being a man cub in training. So in the end everyone got what they wanted. We all just had to blow up with each other so that part was a fail. With great emotion comes great passion so when we know better, we do better.


Well here it is Friday and my kids and I took a road trip so I could be with my bestie and her family for the funeral. I was able to get a amazing sitter and attend the viewing tonight. I truly felt Lucy at peace and she looked so beautiful, having the best sleep of her life. There was a few tears, hugs, and some laughter as the family was sharing stories. I kept thinking how it was only a few years ago that was I was there trying to be brave, and mourning the loss of my parents. I kept hearing songs of my Mom and Dad’s favorites. A little Charlie Pride and Elvis Presley are so good for the soul. Music is a wonderful sensory and healing experience. I’m thankful to God everyday, I have it in my life to cope with my daily struggles. So tomorrow I will honor lovely Lucy with love, pride, and a gift of song. ?

Today’s submission to Friday’s Feats and Fails brought to you by the fabulous Check out how her week was, and all the other talent that link up. Hugs. ?


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