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Ten Things of Thankful

Another week to celebrate my thankfulness for all things wonderful in my life. Without further ado, on with the gratitude. ?

1. I’m thankful that I had a wonderful Canada day celebrating with my family. We took in the festivities in not one but two parks and enjoyed music, love, laughter, and fireworks in a sea of red and white. 

2. I’m thankful that I was able to get my daily workouts in even though the weather was hot and dry. I start earlier in the day and it makes all the difference with my energy and stamina to keep up with my busy kids. 

3. I’m thankful that I had a lovely weekend away celebrating my nieces wedding. There really couldn’t have been a better day and venue for a wedding on a mountain top!

4. I’m grateful that my kids took to each new experience they encountered this week with joy and discovery. From riding the chairlift, standing on a mountain top, being still and quiet so everyone could enjoy the wedding vows, taking the trip back and forth from home, hotels, and back home again. 

5. I’m grateful for all the time I spent laughing, loving, and enjoying my family’s company. My siblings are a really wonderful group of people collectively with a sense of humour, intelligence, and kindness. I’m very proud to be part of that circle of love. 

6. I’m grateful for the beautiful weather, mountain top views, nature, sunshine, and God’s blessings to enjoy and appreciate it all. 

7. I’m thankful for new friends made, old ones rekindled, and family’s getting together to celebrate a couple in love. 

8. I’m thankful for hotels late in the night for weary travellers, room service for a hungry family, and hot showers after a long tiring day. 

9. I’m thankful for completing all my work tasks for Bloggy Throwback, even with scant amounts of wifi. And for being featured and published myself as a writer. You can check it out Here

10. I’m thankful for the love of my husband who treated us to a wonderful weekend. Who did all the driving, booked the hotel rooms, and allowed me to stay and enjoy the wedding while he stayed back in the room with our children. Love and hugs for being my pot of gold at the end of rainbow. ❤️

Time to link up and share that thankful bucket of gratitude and love. ?

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One Liner Wednesday’s

I’m lying here reflecting on something funny my oldest son said to me this week. He’s quite a handsome boy and he gets along well with his classmates. One in particular was batting eyes at him and said I want to be your girlfriend and go on a date. My son was so perplexed he replied “I’m not even 46 I can’t even deal with that right now!” Oh did I ever giggle, great answer son don’t ever be in too much of a hurry to grow up. ?

This has been my submission to Linda G Hill One Liner Wednesday. Please check out all the inspiration, and humour of everyone who links up. Thank you. ?❤️


One Liner Wednesday 

It was a day of a thousand questions from my four year old. We were FaceTiming with his Dad from work and our son was leaning in and  crushing my chest. So I moved him as I was becoming a uniboob and it was painful. Anyways I adjusted myself, and then cuddled my son in close only to hear him reply “Mom stop, you’re crushing my boob!” My husband was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe! Out of the mouth of babes. ?
This has been my submission to One Liner Wednesday’s with Linda G. Hill please check out the hilarity and inspiration in her link up. Thank you. ❤️



I've been really busy lately, well who am I kidding I'm busy every day just trying to keep my sanity!!! I was watching a bizarre cartoon on Disney Jr where the main character recommended soaking his feet in a bowl of melted cheese. I was folding laundry like usual, so I did a double take!!! Soak my feet in cheese, well I'm heard of some bizarre ways to relax but this one took the cake er…cheese!!! 

I would much rather be soaking in a bubble bath drinking a glass of wine then soaking in cheese. Truthfully I'd rather be eating ooey, gooey, cheesy, delights than letting my feet take up a bowl of it. I have to tell you I have a slight addiction to cheese. I love it shredded, melted, chunks, and slices of it. The first time I had a grilled ham and cheese as a child,  I thought I was in heaven. Then my friend introduced me as an adult to what she called a "hush puppie". It was two slices of bread with one huge piece of cheese, tomatoe, with a slice of white onion. It literally was paradise on a plate. I still make it in the oven to this day, minus the onion because they give me the worst breath and heartburn. 

Eating a piece of pizza with double the cheese can turn into a religious experience for me. I'm lost in the stringy, gooey, cheese as it stretches from my plate to my mouth. In those few moments I can't even think other than get in my belly now!!! Then there comes my son's love of cheese. I joke around with him and say if there was only bread, peanut butter and cheese left on the planet to eat he'd be a happy boy. But it has to be certain cheese, orange mild cheddar and cut up into slices or cubes. Don't shred, melt, or attempt to disfigure his cheese in anyway or there's hell to pay. I melted cheese and put it on a piece of French loaf bread and the meltdown that ensued was ear splitting!!! 

Now you may be thinking what a spoiled brat but the missing piece of the puzzle is my son's food texture sensitivity. Which goes hand in hand with his Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) as well as his assessment of ASD. He will literally gag, cry, spit, or throw up trying foods that are too much for his sensitive palate. I've been told I'm spoiling him with allowing him to eat his favourite foods consistently. My response is walk a mile in my shoes and feed my kid! My rule of thumb is to have him try something new once a month. The last time he tried and liked strawberry cream cheese on toast I burst into tears. I had to turn away so he wouldn't see me cry. I told him it was yogurt for toast and he ate it!!!! 

This is a huge deal in our world as I use food modelling therapy to help him eat. I've been doing this since he started solid foods as a baby. Cheese has been my saving grace. He will always eat it, and his favourite snack is crackers and cheese. I also make this amazing cheese dip with all the spices and he will dip bread sticks in it. Now I know there's a lot of fat content as well as calcium in cheese. I eat it in moderation but truth be known my son eats it everyday. He's active, moving all the time unless he's sleeping, so I don't worry about him and childhood obesity. His brother loves cheese as well but won't touch prepackaged cheese slices. He calls them fake cheese and that's fine by me. Meanwhile his little brother will devour them so they're bought very rarely. 

One of my son's first regular speaking words other than Mama, Dada, Baba, hi, was cheese. He would grin like a Cheshire cat and say cheese! It was so cute to see his big smile and then he'd get upset that no cheese would be given. When it's time to go grocery shopping the list is as follows. 

  • Milk 
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Peanut butter
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • Meat
  • Snacks

If I have these items in my kitchen than I feel like I can make a meal. Even while I write this the Cheetos Cheetah and Tim Horton's cheesy breakfast sandwich commercials comes on. So I'm resisting the urge to jump into a piece of cheesecake since I just started a fitness challenge this week. So excuse me I'm going to grab some cheese and crackers and jump on my treadmill. I'll leave you with a fabulous cheese viewing pleasure of Cheese making

This has been my submission to More Than Cheese and Beer Sunday confessions. Please check out her anonymous confessions here and all the other talent who link up. Thank you. 💓


One Liner Wednesday

My son is four and very literal and impressionable. He had an outing with his Dad and after a tear fest insued. I went to see what was the matter and in his choked up sobs this is what he told me. 

Me-“what’s wrong love?”

Son-“I’m sad!


Son-“Daddy won’t take me to crazy town….,because we live there!”

*This is our response when asked where anyone is going in our house-to crazy town.* Oh my poor, misunderstood, literal, child it’s tough being four. ❤️

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One Liner Wednesday

I’m not a perfect Mom, in fact I’m perfectly imperfect a fact I acknowledge and celebrate. So my language gets a bit colorful at times. So much so my son has said I needed a swear jar. Here’s a conversation that’s taken place recently.

Son- “Mom, here’s a jar for when you say bad words.”
Mom- (Takes jar sheepishly) “Ok son, thanks I think…”
Son- “So Mom if you fill this up we can do something special.”
Mom- “What’s that son?”
Son- “Swear away Mom, because we’re going to Disneyland!”



I’ve had it, I’ve heard enough, this is the last straw!!! It’s all incessant whining in my household. So starting out this blog post I shall offer a disclaimer.

*Whining will NOT be tolerated unless it’s by the Mother of the household of whiners.*


Now you may think this is unfair I assure you it’s how I see it as I’m up to my eyeballs in it. I was up late last night, I’m not even going to attempt to whine about that since that is my life. I listened to my Mad dog coughing till 2 am. I couldn’t wake him up enough to give him so medicine so I rubbed his feet with an essential oil flu blend. I continued chatting with my friend who was up at the same time as me. And we poured out our thoughts, wishes, inspirations, and songs.

I finally went to bed tossing and turning over this weeks events. I thought about how excited I was to have chicken wings and my husband wanted them cooked to crispness perfection. I opened up the oven and it set off the smoke alarm! The noise was deafening as we opened doors and windows. There was no visible signs of smoke just very delicious chicken wings I couldn’t eat. ?

I had two very sensory boys to deal with. One that just turned up the TV and one who was potty training and running around naked. I was trying to catch him before he erupted all over the place. Honestly it would’ve been quicker to catch a greased pig at a BBQ. I finally corralled him in a corner and got his underwear on, then turned down the blaring TV. Meanwhile the alarms was still making it’s annoying beeping. The sound of it’s shrill whine made me hide in my laundry room. As my sensory bucket was full to the brim and overflowing.

What would I do if I had a magic wand in these situations? Voila my youngest would be completely potty trained and accident free! His brother would think before he says the hurtful words that spew forth from anger. I would get more sleep, and alone time with my husband. I wouldn’t have to be on constant vigil listening for sounds of breathing, snoring, or choking. And there would be more date nights with copious amounts of wine enjoyed. ?


*Image used with permission from*

Back to my story after my own ADHD moment, finally the nails on the chalkboard sound stopped and I crawled out from the black hole of my laundry room. I put my kids to bed, amidst the whining of I’m not tired, I don’t want to go potty, read me another story. Finally I had freedom and I grabbed a huge plate of wings and retreated to my safety of my bedroom. My husband and I comforted ourselves with watching Grim and I drank some wine. It was a pleasant end to a long experience of sensory proportions.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of whining. My Captain couldn’t find his elbow pad. I somehow got blamed for it, although he was the one who aired out his gear and packed it up after. I listened to the stomping, whining, and after 4 hours of sleep the angry Mama bear had arisen. The elbow pad was found in my sons hockey bag (where it was the whole time) and his whining and temper tantrum woke up his brother. Who was none to happy about breaking his slumber after hacking most of the night. He stumbles around dehydrated, cranky, and in need of Mommy cuddles.

Mornings like this really make me want to day drink but I chill my bottle and know it will be waiting for me at the end of the day. So I said Father and son out the door to their hockey game and I curl up on the couch to reflect. Now I’m whining about not enough milk left for cereal for me. After my Mad dog devoured two big bowls and I’m currently munching on Caesar salad. With just the two of us home there’s laughter, hockey, zamboni ice clearing, and most important a whine free zone.

This has been my submission to Ash’s Sunday confession of Please check out her blog, her anonymous confessions on her Facebook page and all the other talent who link up. Smooches to a whine free day. ?


One liner Wednesday

You know those precious conversations you have with your kids where you just want to freeze time? Well this was one I’ll share with you today. I was talking to my son about age and how we have birthdays and get older. He’s 3 so I explained it in age appropriate terms.

Mom- “How old are you son?”
Son- I’m not really sure.”
Mom- “You’re three honey, how old is your brother?”
Son- “eight!”
Mom-“How old is Daddy?”
Son- “ten.”
Mom-“How old is Mommy?”
Son-“you’re zero Mommy, you just a baby!”

And my favourite kid award goes to….
Just kidding, I love them both for how they make me laugh, cry with pride, and fill my love bucket to the brim. ❤️

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One liner Wednesday

Ok I’m going to try something funny, and dig into my memory banks and find something to make you laugh. So here it goes.

This is my 3 year olds response to we’ll do that tomorrow son, after asking me to go to play group.
“I don’t want no more tomorrow’s, where is my today?!”

Well after I spit my tea out I had to write this little flash of humour down. The mellow drama is strong in that one. ?

This is my attempt at humour for one liner Wednesday’s at the lovely Check out her one liner, now that made me giggle a lot. ? and all the other funny and inspirational writers that link up.