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One liner Wednesday’s

Well here I was today chatting online to a new friend from Pakistan and we were talking about the weather. I told him it was autumn and chilly in Canada. He said he loved winter, so my response was “do you ski or snowboard?” He said “what is this ski you talk about?” That’s when I realized I’m so Canadian I think every country has snow. So how’s it going eh? ?⛄️❄️


So I sent him this stock photo. A picture’s worth a thousand words.

This is my submission to today’s prompt is eh. Check out her post today and all the other talent that link up. You’re awesome enough to do that eh?


One liner Wednesday

Ok I’m going to try something funny, and dig into my memory banks and find something to make you laugh. So here it goes.

This is my 3 year olds response to we’ll do that tomorrow son, after asking me to go to play group.
“I don’t want no more tomorrow’s, where is my today?!”

Well after I spit my tea out I had to write this little flash of humour down. The mellow drama is strong in that one. ?

This is my attempt at humour for one liner Wednesday’s at the lovely Check out her one liner, now that made me giggle a lot. ? and all the other funny and inspirational writers that link up.