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Not your Ordinary Love Story


Today I’m participating in my first Love is in the air blog hop. There will promotions, prizes, and stories of love and romance. Hop on board while I share my story and make sure to visit all the blogs on the list. Thank you, now onto the fun. ?

I’m going to share a story and it will either inspire you, make you giggle, or run for the hills! My love story it started innocently enough when I met my love at a hockey game with my sister. After the game I went to this party and met the goalie. We talked, we laughed, and I was hooked on his vibe. I was younger by about five years but didn’t matter to me I had just met the man I was going to marry. He didn’t know that yet though. I had developed a huge grade A crush on the goalie but only my Mom and my Gram knew about it. 

Time passed by and the goalie graduated and moved out of town. I had secretly kept tabs on him over the years. And our next meeting was at a friend’s funeral that I attended. Then I heard he moved out of the province and I once again inquired of his whereabouts. I ended up moving to the same province before I graduated. I tried to track him down but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I met a couple of guys along the way, dated one, and had a long distance relationship with the other. It was fun for awhile then I was homesick, so I moved back to my hometown. I wanted to graduate with my friends so I left my past behind and looked towards my future.

Shortly after I moved back I heard the goalie was back in town. Life carried on and since we were in a small town I knew he was working and I was preparing for my graduation. 

Then I started planning a friends birthday party. Everything was going great as the party was in full swing. I was collecting empty bottles and filling up snacks and a party crasher walked in. I went up to to confront him and some bantering ensued. I saw he was wearing a Dallas Cowboy hat so we chatted about football, as that’s my favourite team. My curiosity got the better of me as this mystery man wouldn’t tell me who he was. So I took off his hat and looked into familiar eyes when I realized it was the goalie! We were inseparable the rest of the night and I sat on his knee and chatted about that time from long ago. 

He eventually left in the morning because he had to work. We parted ways with kisses and hugs and exchanged phone numbers. I couldn’t wait to see him again! A week had passed and I hadn’t heard from the goalie, so I took matters into my own hands and called him. He seemed happy to hear from me so we arranged a date. He picked me up and I introduced him to my family. He was polite and funny and we happily went on our way. The movie we saw was King Ralph and although John Goodman’s a great actor, he couldn’t hold my attention for long with my goalie in the room. After the movie we drove down to the golf course and went for a walk. 

We talked and enjoyed each other’s company. Our first kiss was on the first hole and one I’ll never forget. He literally made me weak at the knees, and I was hooked on my goalie man.

It wasn’t an easy relationship as the age difference made a difference with his friends. There was comments about my age, yet my friends could care less. I continued on the road to  my graduation day, and my goalie was working a lot. We spent as much time as we could together and looked forward to to getting to know each other. As the months carried on he found his way into my heart and my bed. I couldn’t get enough of him he was like my drug and I was his. Graduation day came and I introduced him to the rest of my family. My sister hadn’t seen him since she graduated,  and was quite shocked that he was my boyfriend. I couldn’t have been happier and my thoughts turned to a future starring only my goalie in the main role. 


 In the fall I moved out of town to attend college but still came back to see my boyfriend on the weekends. I knew we were meant to be so I worked even harder on our relationship. He moved in with his roommate and I continued my studies. He started a new job working with his best friend. I didn’t get to see him much with his work schedule of working nights. I finished my semester and came back to town, and found work while continuing my schooling. I have to admit though love was in the air and my thoughts were only of him.

An economic recession hit our town and his hours dwindled and he was struggling to make ends meet. A job opportunity came up for him to move away for a couple of months. He began working for a short term position, so he took it. I wrote him a letter each week and went up to visit before Christmas. I will always be grateful for that time as it was my cousin who got him the job. Him and his family opened up their home to him. This first temporary transfer started my love on the path to his career. My goalie was becoming a working man wearing a uniform and goaltending less. I was really happy for him, but I sensed change was in the air. I’m always right about these feelings, and sure enough he was asked to come back to the new job in a more long term position. So we sat down and decided what the next move would be. Either we parted ways as friends or we continued our relationship. We chose to remain together and found a home to start this new chapter of our lives. 


My love, my goalie man. ❤️

 It was an exciting and stressful time as I had to find work and move into our new home. The first year of any relationship is the hardest one. I loved him and I was determined that we were going to make it. It wasn’t easy and there was many times I cried a lot and wanted to be more than the girlfriend. He wanted to be with me but marriage wasn’t what he had in mind. So we continued living together and I became stronger in my self worth and concentrated on establishing my own career. I had finally decided what I wanted to do with my life so I went full steam of ahead with my plans. I found a job working in my profession as well as a part time job to supplement this goal.

I put my thoughts of marriage and family on the back burner and settled into a happy lifestyle. We were in love and committed to one another and that was all that mattered. After many years and thirty five weddings attended we got engaged. It was such an exciting time as I was on the road to getting all that I wanted. That can be exhilarating and scary at the same time. We had a fabulous wedding and got married in our hometown with all our friends and family in attendance. The church had a historic significance as it was the one that my Great Grandfather helped build. The greatest compliment ever told to us was that it was like we just found each other. Not a couple that had spent a lifetime together already. Our love for each other shined through with a force of a thousand suns. 

One of the most romantic events was the gift I gave to my husband. I wrote him a song and made a demo of it, and had it played at our wedding. We danced to it and looked into each other’s eyes. Time fell away and in that moment there was only us. He soon realized it was me singing and he hugged me so tight I thought he was going to crush me! Oh how I loved that moment and wanted to freeze it in time. ?


Our honeymoon was on the Oregon coast as this was plan B since our trip to New Orleans was cancelled due to Hurricane Katrina. I knew we were meant to be in Oregon, as it was a magical week of discovering and exploring the beautiful coastline. Our  time there came to an end and we had to go back to reality. We settled into our routine as a married couple and change was in the air again in the way of a job transfer. Off went my husband to a new city and finding us a place to live. I stayed behind and continued working while packing up our house and hiring the moving company. In the new year we had found a beautiful new home, and found out that we were becoming a family. In that first six months of our marriage we did more living than all the years prior!  

We got married, bought a house, and got pregnant. Now here we are twenty five years later, married with two precoius sons, four job transfers later,  and living a happy life. There’s been bumps in the road of marital bliss but nothing we couldn’t handle. I knew our love was meant to be from the first moment my husband made me laugh,  and I got butterflies in my stomach. All these years later I still feel that way about my loveable goalie man.


  Is there a time in your life when you knew that someone was the one?

Tell me all about it in the comments below. Please visit all the other blogs in the blog hop for your chance to win the grand prize and read some great love stories. 

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Daily life in my corner of Canada

I’m excited to take part in the Opionated Man from Harsh Reality’s challenge to showcase where I live.  I’m a Canadian who stumbled across his blog from another fellow talented Canadian writer. My corner of the world is a very interesting one and I’m happy to share it with you today. I was born and raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia Canada. 

Where I grew up in the East Kootneays of BC

Where I lived before in the Fraser Valley in BC
I’ve lived in many different places throughout the province. When I was sixteen I wanted to explore city life once so I moved to Ontario. I lived there for a year and was desperate to get back to my beloved mountains. Due to my husband’s career we move a lot. This is our fourth transfer and our children’s third. Now we currently reside in our new province of Alberta. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when we first moved here, as it’s very flat compared to what I’m used to. In my last town in the Fraser Valley of BC I had mountains in my back yard. Now I reside where I can see clouds stretched out for miles.

Where I live now in Alberta, Canada

When I take walks in my neighbourhood I’m treated to the most amazing gifts of God’s creation. I see brilliant colors woven into the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. It’s my favourite time of day to take in all this natural beauty. I’ve discovered without mountains I can really see each extraordinary colour in these natural paintings. 

When I take my son to hockey practice we have a 30 minute drive out to the country. It’s my favourite time of the week as my kids and are rocking out to the tunes playing. A little Fleetwood Mac, Three Dog Night, and Motley Crüe. My kids grew up with nursery rhymes and knowing the classics as well. The scenery on our drive has been so breathtaking I’ve had to pull over to take pictures. I’ve never seen such spectactcular cloud porn in all my life!

Our favorite thing to do is take a walk along the river. My husband and I teach our son’s the fine art of skipping stones. The peace and tranquility of listening to the flowing water, feeling the crispness in the air, and taking in the sheer beauty of our surroundings is a wonderful gift. 

It can get cold really fast too, where it will go from +6 to -16 overnight. It’s been cold enough since November to build an outdoor rink in our backyard. And our first welcome to Alberta blizzard happened in September! There’s also this amazing phenomenon that occurs called a chinook. It’s when a wave of of warm current air mixes with cold air and the temperature can change from -16 to +16 in a matter of hours. It’s the most spectacular weather pattern I’ve ever witnessed! And now that the temperatures dropped I look forward to the next one. 

And the hockey road trips I’ve taken throughout my province have exposed me to some amazing landscapes. I’ve enjoyed each one, and have been grateful to get to know little towns I wouldn’t have known otherwise. 

And I can’t leave out the views I have from my deck that move me me to tears and cause me to write poetry. It’s a gift to live here and I’m glad that I’ve been able to connect to nature and not feel so lost and alone in this new adventure. And just like the picture says this is my own little slice of heaven.


Thank you for taking this scenic tour with me. And thank you to Jason at Harsh Reality for suggesting this wonderful idea. ?


In order to know who we are, we must learn where we come from

I sit here in the darkness thinking of a story I feel compelled to write of my ancestors. As part of my Blogging 101 assignment we are to write a blog to our dream reader. I would direct my blog to my family to learn of our ancestors

Life in the new world.

Life in the new world.

who came off the boat for dreams of a better life. After the devastation of the Great Potatoe famine of 1845-1849 they survived and without them I wouldn’t be here today to tell this story. Michael and Elizabeth left Ireland at the age of nineteen for Scotland, then travelled by ship to South Hampton, England. They landed in New York with two daughters Annie and Roseanne in tow. Which for anyone who’s read Gangs of New York, or seen the movie it was a dangerous time to be Irish indeed! They made their way to Boston and settled in for awhile. With competition for jobs, financial security, and food being scarce with the population boom, they made their way to Canada and settled in Fernie, BC.

My Great Grandfather Michael found work in the mines and was there for twenty-nine years. They hadn’t lived there long when a devastation  ravaged the town with floods from 1848, to 1947, the mining disaster in May of 1908 that  killed one hundred and three miners,  and the Great Fire of August. 1 st of 1908 that destroyed the town. My Great Grandma Elizabeth was pregnant with my Gram Margaret and due to give birth anytime. There was ten lives lost and thousands of homes burnt to the ground. A lot of hardship and sadness that my ancestors had to encounter in the new land. My Gram made it safely into the world as the hospital and the church were the few buildings that were left.

Time passed on with my Gram and her sisters growing up and their parents had added on to their family with four more daughters Thresa, Nellie, Elizabeth, Josephine and a son Peter. More hardship would come to the family as the mine would be closed in order to investigate the fire of 1908. My Great Grandpa Michael had to find work elsewhere. All the daughters worked as well, or helped look after the youngest children. That was the life back then, everyone had a strong work ethic and supported one another. I remember my sweet Gram Margaret telling me stories of her housekeeping days, collecting oranges at the trainyard, and working as a caddy at the golf course.

A tragic accident in 1917, took the life of the youngest family member Josephine and she died at the age of two, with severe burns to the chest and abdomen in. Poor baby girl lighting up the world with her beauty and smile, and for her life to be snuffed out like a candle is so sad. Peter, the only son of eight children returned home from World War 1 in fell ill as well. He succumbed to cerebral meningitis at the age of twenty-six on March. 17 th 1922. He was to sing in the St. Patrick’s day concert that evening for the Knights of Columbus, and he sat up in bed and sang then died. The song that he sang was Danny Boy, a beautiful Irish melody that is dear to my heart to this day. My beloved Gram couldn’t talk about her only brother and baby sister without shedding many tears.

Time marched on and my Gram’s sisters were marrying and her turn came to fall in love and get married too. Her and my Grandpa were all set to wed when my Great Grandma fell ill a week before the wedding and died of endocarditis at the age of fifty-three. There was to be a big church wedding in 1929 as the last one of the family to get married, but instead it was a small ceremony in the priests quarters. How tragic for my family to lose their one and only Mom. A pain I today know all too well…

So much tragedy for one family to endure let alone survive the grief! Now I know why I’ve survived my pain and peril, it’s in my DNA. To turn grief into gratitude, and pain into power! My Mom came a year later in 1930 after the Great Depression and she was loved and cherished and would remain my Grandparents only child. She took three days to come into the world, and my poor sweet Gram nearly died in childbirth. Even those times were tough after the stock market crash, my Grandpa continuing mining and supporting his family. My Gram had her five sisters and they were very close to their Father, the only living parent she had and she looked after him into his senior years. My Grandpa went off to war in 1938 when my dear Mom was only nine years old. For the next six years my Gram raised her daughter as a single parent while looking after her Father. When my Grandpa returned home he didn’t recognize this teenage girl my Mom had become.

She was wearing makeup, curling her hair, and going to picture shows with her friends. He had to get to know his family all over again and he did. They settled into a comfortable excistence and my Gram’s youngest sister went off to live in the USA and attend the convent. She proudly became a nun and took the name of Sister Michael. She loved her vocation and took up teaching in the convent. Tragically she was in a car accident and died at the age of thirty-two. It was a death that affected the whole family, as Elizabeth was living far away and they didn’t see her very often. With raising their families and being busy with life and they hadn’t lost anyone since their Mom.

I remember my own beloved Mama telling me stories of her Aunt Elizabeth her kindness, devotion to God, and her beautiful smile that would light up a room. My Gram had her two sisters living in the same town and one out of town and her Father. He was getting older and suffering with diabetes and Coronary Thrombosis. He lived until eighty-one years old and died of acute diverticulitis in 1951. My poor Gram was so devoted to her dear Father that his death left a void in her life and heart.

My Mom went on to marry my Dad and they had six children who all married and had children of their own. I look back over all my family history and I feel very grateful. My parents lived a very long life, saw their children happy, and had beautiful Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren to spend their remaining years with. My parents only knew my oldest son so there’s a sadness in me that they didn’t get to watch him grow up on this earthly plane. And they didn’t know my youngest either. I know with each memory and picture I share I’m keeping their love alive. As I truly believe in order to for us to know our future, we must discover our past.


Writers Quotes Wednesday


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If I could design my life so that I would know only love not sorrow, pleasure never pain, happiness not sadness, would I take that chance? No, every hardship, tear, and lesson I’ve learned in the school of hard knocks has shaped me into who I am today. Who would I be without these lessons in my life? Would I be more confident, giving, loving, maybe even egotistical? If I felt I had the world by the string, and knew it all would I have the amazing support network in my life? My answer is simply no, I wouldn’t have had the healing, the profound blessings, and abundant joy if I didn’t experience the hardships. If I didn’t have emotional baggage would that make me any less of a person, a child of God, a student in the game of life? Once again my answer is simply no, everything I’ve gone through, and will go through, has taught me courage in the midst of chaos, bravery in the face of fear, and to see light in the darkness. If I could design my life so I didn’t have to uproot my family as often for my husbands career would I do it? Well it’s all I’ve ever known, and our longest “stop over” in one town was 13 years when he was just establishing himself in the company. I wouldn’t change any moment of it as I wouldn’t have family through friendships, in each town we’ve lived in. I wouldn’t have experienced each of these lovely memories, people, places, and things that I cherish and hold in my heart. I know I would have appreciated them more, hugged a little longer, laughed a little more, and chose happiness over years of tears. I’m the only one carrying my emotional baggage and sometimes the hill gets steep,and my path gets rocky and yet here I am trudging on. I know without a doubt I can call up on anyone of those friends, I’ve met in each town and if I needed them they would be there. I’ve grown to love, learn, and be blessed by their friendship, and I wouldn’t have that blessing had I not travelled and experienced more than my hometown. And now I’m here today waking up in the land of my birth and there’s nothing like it. And even though I’m here for a sad reason attending my best friends Mom’s funeral, I wouldn’t be anywhere else. I will go to cemetery today and honour my family, my ancestors, my friends who have lived, loved, and learned before me. And I will be comforted in the fact that in these mountains, my heart remains. And I realize now that my life was designed for me to move away from them but knowing they will always welcome me home. ❤️

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