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Feel Good Blogging Challenge

I came across this challenge reading a new blog called Mommies quiet place. She had wrote about 10 personal facts that was part of the Alex Beadon blogging challenge. I thought what the heck I’d take a stab at it. So without further ado here is my piece of getting to know me better.

1. I’m a very proud Canadian. In fact I will make it a point to research, promote, and acknowledge any Canadian in entertainment, business, art, and the health field. Especially if they’re living elsewhere in the world.

2. I’m the youngest of 6 children. My Mom was an only child, and my Dad the oldest of 7 children. So they both discussed having a big family when they were dating.

3. When my husband proposed to me I didn’t know the ring was for me, he’s not big on buying me jewellery. I’m also empathic and felt he was “hiding” something from me.

4. After the proposal I told him he had made me the happiest woman in Canada. And I didn’t say yes until 2 hours after the fact!!!

5. I love to sing, doesn’t matter what song. I could sing the phone book and I’d still be happy.

6. My Mom was my biggest supporter of my writing. And we collaborated on many stories together throughout the years.

7. Both my parents died before I turned 40. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t miss them. Or their love, guidance, and influence in my life.

8. I’m a very big advocate for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as well constantly researching to understand, promote, and respect my sons SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

9. The brain fascinates me and I often study neurological research and support MS, ALS, and mental health disorders.

10. Blogging keeps me sane!!! I love to write and find a place to let my rambling thoughts out. It helps me because I’m very stubborn, and don’t take no for an answer. Especially from medical experts that didn’t want to help my son.

So there it is 10 quick little facts about me. Give it a whirl, it’s fun and therapeutic. ?