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Writer’s Quotes Wednesday

This is all of me on flex Friday submission to Silver Threading for Writer’s Quotes Wednesday. This is the place where I seek solace and inspiration. Please check out all the talent that resides there. Thank you. ❤️


Part 2 #Taking Back Me Fitness Challenge

Here’s the continuation of Part 1 of the Taking Back Me challenge that Tracy on the Rocks and I are embarking on. We have lots to share, read on dear followers. ?

Continuing my answer from the question:

 What strategy do you intend on utilizing to reach your goals?

 Jsack Mom: I will be using the Beach Body on demand program with access to various workouts. As well as recipes, meal plans, and fitness nutritional products. I also have my fitness challenge group who keep me accountable, inspired, and motivated to keep to the course. I’ve also downloaded this app called Happify that is working on keeping me positive and eager to meet my challenges each week.I’ve also downloaded this app called Happify that is working on keeping me positive and eager to meet my challenges each week. 

 Tracy on the Rocks: Accountability!

For nutrition: My girlfriend who I am doing the Medifast through will check up on me with the eating. I also downloaded “My Fitness Pal” app. 

For exercise : My friends at work with yell at me if I don’t come to boot camp and or yoga, and encourage me while I am there. 

Specifically, I intend on losing 2lb/week through the Medifast meal plan and exercise. 

 What are some challenges you anticipate facing in the upcoming weeks?

 Jsack Mom : My biggest challenge was in this week I started the Beach Body 21 day fix program and after lunge overload I tweaked my old back injury. So I’ve been able to follow the meal plans but not workout. I was saddened and frustrated but I’ve taken the time to rest, ice, and recuperate. My coach has been wonderful and encouraging as well as my fitness challenge group. I feel very blessed and motivated to get back up on the workout horse as I’m feeling a little better as the swelling has been dissipating. This time I will be smart and I won’t be the “go big or go home” mentality. 

Tracy on the Rocks: My biggest challenge is going to be laying off the wine.  And trying not to whine 

too much about the hard workouts. Also, being impatient about seeing results. I want to be skinny RIGHT.NOW. Dammit!! ha 

What is your Plan B if you fail on this challenge?

Jsackmom: I won’t fail, even with this physical set back with my back injury.  I’m still eager to get back into working out at a moderate pace while I gain strength and endurance. And fix this muscle imbalance between my abdominals and low back region. I’ve incorporated more stretching and yoga in my rest days as well. 

 Tracy on the Rocks: There is no 

Plan B!! I won’t fail!!! 

So BOOM there it is (as my coach says) Tracy on the Rocks and I will be keeping each other motivated, accountable, and updating our progress here each week. Stay tuned my dear readers, because we’re going to rock this #takingbackme challenge. ???

We will be back next week updating you dear readers on our progress. And if you’d like to join in with us please do. 


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