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Writer’s Quotes Wednesday

This is all of me on flex Friday submission to Silver Threading for Writer’s Quotes Wednesday. This is the place where I seek solace and inspiration. Please check out all the talent that resides there. Thank you. ❤️


Writer’s Quotes Wednesday

I watched my youngest son watching the sunset as he exclaimed “the sky is beautiful Mommy, like you.” And that magical  moment inspired this quote.

This has been my submission to Silver Threading Writer’s Quotes Wednesday. Please check out all the inspiration and creativity there, thank you. ❤️


Writer’s Quotes Wednesday 


This has been my submission to Silver Threading Writer’s Quotes Wednesday please check out all the talent that link up. Thank you. ?


My #Mommitment music play list

Music is so important in my life it’s the reason I smile, my heart skips a beat, and my true passion in life. I grew up with music playing in my home constantly. From the melodic sounds of Elvis Presley, crooning of John Denver, rock and roll of Creedence Clearwater, and soft sounds of Charley Pride. I heard, learned, and sung it all. There is music that inspires me to write, sing, and create. There’s music that can lift up my spirit when it’s dragging on the floor from being sleep deprived at 2 am from a wide awake four year old. There’s music that kick starts my heart and body into action when I’m in full workout mode. And lastly music that makes me think screw all the haters as I dance around in my underwear like Tom Cruise in Risky Business  Old Time Rock and Roll style. Here’s a few of my personal favourites enjoy. ???
Bitch- Merdith Brooks
I have sung this loud and proud in my shower. Which everyone knows has the best acoustics next to a church. ?

What’s Up- Four Non Blondes
This song makes me think about the state of the world we’re living in. The judgement, tyranny, anarchy, and pain mixed in with the melting pot of beauty and emotions. ❤️

Zombie-The Cranberries
This song takes my heart to a place where I feel supported, loved, and understood. I had a friend who’s dogs would sing along with us when ever it was played. Rest in peace Stan and Gary. ?

Kick Start My Heart Motley Crüe
My all time favourite heavy metal band on the planet. And yes this song has kicked started my heart, energy, and pushed me to the extreme in my workouts. 

Don’t Stop-Fleetwood Mac
This is my theme song in life wherever I go, or wherever I am this song follows me. My heart, my love, my band is Fleetwood Mac. ??

This has been my contribution to the mixed tape #Momittment movement. I’m so happy and proud to be part of this beautiful ripple in the social media world. If you’d like to learn more about it check out Next life no kids and sign her petition. She rocks hard and so does her truth. ???


Daily Post Photo challenge Express Yourself

This is my first time doing a photo challenge with the Daily Post. As part of my Blogging 101 assignment I thought I’d give it a try. So here is my interpretation of expressing myself.



Reading, writing and being authentically me

It’s late at night which is my favourite time to write, as I listen to the sounds of snoring filtering through my home. I’ve always been a night owl, even my beloved Mama would say I was the best companion. We would stay up late at night and watch old black and white movies, and I’d dream of being a movie star. Well that never happened I do act, write, sing, and dance but I have yet to see my name up in lights on a marquee. I’m taking part in this new challenge of Blogging 101. Even though I’ve had my blog for over a year I still love a challenge and crave learning experiences. Tonight the assignment was to find five topics and follow five blogs. Easy enough to do as I love to read, as much as I love to write. I couldn’t stop reading though in order to start this blog. I find it very fascinating to see how people live. I’ve always been that curious little girl that wanted to be invited inside strangers homes on Halloween, while trick-or-treating. So I love to read about how people live, what makes them tick, what is their passion. I found a stunning photographer, and a parent who had the most eloquent and deep conversation with her children about the question of what’s a soul. I found someone who writes so poignantly about our pursuit of happiness I’m excited to read more of his journey. I was pleased to find a fellow Twilight Lover whether it’s the book series or the time of day, and a fabulous Mom who writes so beautifully about parenting and transgender bias that I was moved to tears. I couldn’t stop at five, sorry not sorry, the stories were too enthralling. So on that note I look forward to reading more blogs, making new friends, and stretching myself out of my comfort zone daily. Now I really must get some rest, even though I’d rather be reading. Goodnight sweet readers, until the morning sun awakens me, I bid you farewell.


 Life of an artist

Today I’m continuing the series on who inspires me I started a few weeks ago now. When I first introduced you to my friend and amazing artist Amanda Deshane. I’m going to introduce you to a remarkable woman named Arna Baartz. She’s an incredible artist, writer, poet, and entrepreneur. So I’ll give you a little backstory of how our friendship came to be.

I first encountered Arna on Facebook when I came across her page I Am for kids. I was taken with her passion for making art, encouraging children, and raising her own family of 8 talented children. I was blessed enough to receive her online self help course I am Change. At the time I was a year into my grief journey, of losing my one and only Mom. I was suffering and I had just moved, and left everything I knew and loved behind. I was living in a hotel with my 2 small children and supporting my husbands career. It was a very difficult time for me, and I prayed that God would help me to heal. Then my prayers were answered and there was Arna with her program! I can’t thank her enough for sending me the I am change program. It literally changed my life, I was so stuck in rigid beliefs, grief, and I became my own worst enemy. My kids were so full of vibrant energy, and their tender hearts were hurting watching me spiral into depression. My oldest son was only 5 and trying to find his identity and making new friends, while leaving old ones behind. My baby was only 10 months old and they both needed their Mom to he happy, healed, and whole again. After I took the course I began to change for the better. I made efforts to make friends, attend playgroup, and become involved in my sons school. What I learned brought back that shining light in my children’s eyes and here I am to pay it forward. So on with the interview for the gorgeous Arna!

The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep. ~Paul Strand

The world expands according to experience, a brushstroke is an experience ~ Arna Baartz

*All images and poetry courteous is Arna Baartz at*


Q- As an artist what gives you passion to create?

A- My deep desire to understand life is what has always driven my artistic expression , I can’t stop asking questions and art helps me answer them.

Q- Do you have a muse, music or other artists work, that inspires you to give birth to your creation?

A- Every moment offers a spark that acts as my muse… If I become present in this moment I am immediately inspired by the quality of whatever I am experiencing , sometimes music, sometimes people sometimes the sun. ?

Q- What gives you joy in your life and how does this translate into your work?

A- Everything has the potential to bring me joy, even deep grief ironically so, it translates into my work through the need to express the dichotomy and oneness I feel around me.

Q- Who is your biggest influence in your life, professionally and personally?

A- My father is a huge influence his thoughtfulness and true artistic nature. My mother is a love beast so she is also hugely influential in my quest to BE love.

Q- Have you been professionally trained, or is your gift, something you were born with?

A- I have trained at so many things but art was never one of them! It is something I have always done and used to help me explore life.

Q- What is your favourite medium to work with?

A- Professional acrylic but I love all medium. ?

Q- What is your favourite painting that you’ve done? And were you able to list it for sale?

A- Yes, it’s called Never the form and is a very large acrylic on canvas.

Q- Talk to me about Kundalini yoga. How does it help with your work?

A- I do a little of everything not kundalini yoga as such . My ideas around kundalini are about surrender into whatever energy you’re experiencing in the moment. This can be my yoga, martial arts, art, or meditating and so on. How this helps in my art is to encourage the flow and release of energy into the literal piece. Which in turn offers the viewer a unique opportunity to experience or trigger an awareness and healing.

Q- Besides being an incredible artist what are your other passions in life?

A- Martial arts, parenting, poetry, spiritual development, quantum physics, and connection.

Q- What makes your soul sing, and your spirit smile?

A- Remembering that I am one with all that is. Connecting truly with life and the beings here with me, seen and unseen.

Q- Tell me about where you live and how that location inspires you to create?

A- I live in the perfect place, in a rainforest that is on a mountain which is in a valley 15 minutes from the ocean. Perfect weather surrounded by opportunities to love. I live in a world of appreciation and joy. I live in paradise, It is safe and beautiful. And I’m surrounded by family, wildlife, ocean mountains. Greenery everywhere, wonderful open deserts. Truly a wondrous place, everywhere I look I see something to be fascinated by. And that is satisfying and exciting thing for me and for my art practice.

Q- Tell me about what makes you tick? Do you have a ritual you participate in before you’re drawn to create a masterpiece?

A- Not really, all I need to do is ask myself “would I like to draw right now?” And I get a yes feeling mostly sometimes a no so then I do something else!

Q- Can you list some of favourite things that you love?

A- My 8 children. Haha. ?

Q- What is your hope for anyone that is fortunate to own your artwork? As I’m one of those blessed people. ❤️

A- That they feel the true intention behind it in a profound and healing way. The intention if deep and utter love and connection to all that is.

Q- Being intuitive, do you connect with the meaning behind what you paint before or after it’s complete?

A- As I am painting I get all sorts of answers that are subject to change as I evolve …. Sometimes I see a painting I did five yes ago and am filled with new insight.

Q- What inspires you, and gives the desire to express yourself?

A- Everything! Sometimes a frustrated feeling inside pushes me to begin and I feel free by the end of the work. ?

Q- Who is your favourite author? What kind of books do you like to read?

A-I love reading stories, human interest stories, I love poetry too. I don’t have a favourite author I love lots of different authors, books about birth are probably my favourite kind. ?

Q- What do you do to relax and re-energize your body, mind, and spirit.

A- Make art! Swim at the beach
watch movies, or do nothing that’s usually the most effective for me.

Q- Please describe to me what Kundalini means? And what definition does it represent in your life and art?

A- Kundalini to me is the energy that is who we really are. Kundalini flows through us, is us at all times. Due to fear and learned behaviour I believe we resist it and have caused ourselves to close up . When we become more confident about being present we raise our vibration and are able to handle more of our own true energy…. This energy is the energy of all that is, or what we might call God energy. This energy is Who we are , without it we do not exist. My art works best when I am present and allowing this energy to be flowing without resistance.

Thank you beautiful soul Arna for allowing me the pleasure of interviewing you! Here is one of hers and mine favourite poems from her WP site The Silver Poet.

My Heart Pocket

Little things,

that fit

in the deepest spots

the sweetest spots.

Big things that shouldn’t and can’t but do,

things bigger than even I.

And now with the rushing and flooding

of life gathering under the crown,

of gems past, present and

tomorrow’s sun,

alongside the shoving and pooling

of desperate rust and magenta survival,

there is a tinkling and a thudding,

a shining and a burrowing.

A pyramid of sugar

of slowly melting crystal


my upturned gaze.

Here are the ways to reach Arna on social media.

I AM Change ~Online
The Art Of Kundalini

Visit The I AM Program

I AM For Kids on FaceBook


Follow Arna on Twitter

And so my dear readers I pose this question to you from Arna. “What would fall out if the heart were a pocket, and we were each turned upside down?”

This has been a joyful collaboration with the exquisite Arna Baartz at Please explore her website and support an amazing talent. ❤️




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In the mind of an artist

I love to write, sing, dance, and act and have a great appreciation for art. These are my passions in life, and when I feel a blog coming on I write it out as fast possible. Before the idea dissipates in the air, like moonbeams on a still star encrusted night. When I feel a block and want to write so badly but the ideas just don’t appear, I look at art. The emotions of the artist, the medium, and the subject they chose all speak to me. I’m empathic so I feel these things very strongly. And they open up the block and the words start flowing. So today I’d like to introduce you to an amazing artist friend of mine named Amanda Deshane of Deshay Designs. So I decided to interview her to give you a glimpse into the mind of an artist.


*All images courteousy of Amanda Deshane and found at*
Q- When did you discover you had a talent for art?

A- I discovered I had a talent for art when I was 13. Although I had been working with mediums like clay, paper mâché, crayons, and felts since I was really young, at 5 years old.

Q- Did you ever study professionally, or is this God given talent?

A- I’m mostly self taught, creating art has always seemed effortless and natural to me. For me, it’s like breathing or knowing a second language.

Q- What are your strengths and weaknesses in life? And how do you apply these to your art?

A- My strengths are perseverance and the ability to have a greater empathy for others. I’m intuitive, so I understand people, situations, and animals. Sometimes on levels that other people don’t. That being said, my weakness is caring sometimes too much. As this can open up a world of hurt for me. I apply these attributes to my art, by portraying my empathy towards my subjects. By telling people’s stories and relationships between them and animals in my work.

Q- What other talents do you have?

A- I would say I’m multi-talented. I weave baskets, paint in acrylic, water colours, work with ink, and use pointillism techniques. I also use clay, paper machee, and wood carving. One of my greatest accomplishments was building a paper mâché town for my son! I’m also working on writing and illustrating a children’s book.

Q- Excellent! Can you explain what pointillism technique is? I had never heard of it until I seen your work.

A- Pointillism is a technique where an artist uses dots to form a picture. Hatching is when an artists uses lines to form a picture. I use both these techniques, each piece takes 30-150 hours to complete. It’s a labor of love, that’s for sure!

Q- What brings you joy in your life? And how is that portrayed in your art work?

A- Joyful things in my life are my son, family, and friends. I’m a single Mom and I’m raising him to believe he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to! I think it’s important to lead by example as I follow my dreams. I love my family and friends for who they truly are, with no judgements. I show that daily with laughter, love, and support.

Q- What’s your favourite medium to work with out of ink, acrylics, oil, water colours, charcoal or pastels?

A- My favourite medium to work with is ink. It’s not forgiving if I make a mistake, but it’s amazing when a piece is complete.

Q- What are your likes and dislikes to forms of art, music, and books?

A- I love art history, although Van Gough’s story of being famous for chopping his ear off to give to a prostitute was scary, when I was younger! It made me fear that all artists eventually go insane. As I matured, I realized I’m as sane as it gets. I love Celtic music, and my favourite band’s Creed, and so many more! Anything but rap, I love books too. I have my own library in my house with autobiographies, spiritual, religious, history, self help/development, and action. I have to read, to escape my over thinking mind since I have ADHD. Science has proven ADHD minds are highly intelligent. As their brains operate faster than the average brain.

Q- What inspires and influences you as an artist?

A- I’m inspired by my relationship with my son. He is my world and very creative himself. As long as an idea has a higher meaning or purpose that inspires me! My influences are art, music, literature, and spirituality.

Q- What motivates you to create your art?

A- I’m motivated by wanting to make a difference with my art. And hopefully make a living at it at the same time! I’m currently working on a women warrior series done in ink. It’ll be a showcasing of 15 women warriors and throughout history and modern day. I believe that throughout history women have forgotten their own power. Our stories are important, thus the project idea.

Q- Is there any other passions in your life besides your art?

A- My passions in life are my son, morals, values, art, spiritual beliefs, and loving others.

So there you have it folks my honest, deep thinking, amazing, artistically talented friend Amanda. She specializes in custom portraits of people, animals, and tattoo designs. And also has a line of gift cards and prints available.

You can contact her on Facebook, and a

She accepts Paypal, e-transfer as methods of payment.




Thank you for stopping by to see who inspires me, smooches. ?