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Ten things of Thankful

The time has come to think of wonderful things that brought me happiness, joy, and tears. To celebrate a thankful week with blessings and gifts abundant! 

I’m thankful for one last week of holidays with my oldest off to school and excited about reconnecting with his friends. And even though there’s so many changes with a new teacher, new classroom, and new classmates he’s adapting well and already looking forward to the next adventure. 
I’m thankful for having my husband around the house to help prepare our kids for school; while I’m organizing, editing, and setting up my Beach Body business. I will be running my first 5 day clean eating challenge group with my team starting tomorrow. I’m excited and looking forward to gaining support and being supportive to my fit family. 
I’m thankful for meeting up with my lovely friend after 25 years. We had reconnected through Facebook and chat daily but hadn’t had a face to face. So our kids had a chance to meet and we picked up right where we left off, and it’s true that friendships are meant to be can stand the test of time. To my darling I, thank you for being a beacon of light during a dark time in a long tunnel. Your faith in me and love are pulling me through each day to the light of retribution. ?


*Image found on Facebook on the Brave Girls page and used with permission*

I’m thankful for new and exciting opportunities that are happening in my work life and personal life. I’ve been running a fun and successful Bloggy Throwback and now will shift gears and start a new segment on the submissions based website I work for. *Stay tuned for an awesome announcement on Original Bunker Punks starting Monday morning!*

I’m thankful for spending time with family and friends and all the abundant love that pours forth when we’re together. I attended my cousins 25 th wedding anniversary and I seen my brothers and other cousins that I hadn’t seen for 10 years and since the wedding! When you share a special moment with special people and are there 25 years later to celebrate again, there’s nothing more beautiful than that. ❤️

I’m thankful for how my body has been changing with each fitness challenge I complete. I’m 20 lbs lighter since April and feeling 10 times stronger! I just finished CIZE the end of all exercise and feel like I could star in one of Beach Body’s Shaun T videos! Like he says get it done even if it’s not right. As each DVD routine got more intricate my muscle memory took over and I mastered each exercise. Now I’m ready for my hip hop debut. It’s just so much fun to throw your cares and pounds away and just dance! 

I’m thankful for having time to complete some projects at home while my husband was on holidays. We got the deck stained and I put together organization stations for my kids for school. All their clothes are placed in a Rubbermaid container labeled with each day of the week. With their backpacks hanging on a hook and on the weekend homework and school projects can be put into the drawers. I’m feeling quite proud of myself. 

I’m thankful for the use of the timer and visual aids to help my kids get organized and out the door without being late. We all needed to have our organizational skills revamped, so the timer is our guiding light and no one argues when it goes off signalling our next thing to do. 

I’m thankful for all the blessings I have in my life good health, loving family, supportive friends and seeing all my heart’s desires coming true. 

 I’m thankful for this linkup every Sunday to share with this amazing thankful tribe. Thank you to Lizzi and her wonderful positive movement. ?


Ten things of thankful 

It’s almost like time has got itself wrapped around the hamster wheel in my brain and sped up. Is it really possible it’s Sunday already? I just felt like it was three days ago, so as I sit and check and recheck my calendar again that yes a week has gone by. I’m excited to share my week with you as it was busy, eventful, and involved some sunshine. So without further ado I give you lovely readers my list of thankfuls. 

1. I’m thankful for my husband’s holidays and the fun and adventure we experienced as a family. We really enjoy our time together and it’s made even more joyful when we’re out exploring our new home and area. If we spend too much time inside cabin fever sets in and that’s bad for everyone involved. 


2. I’m thankful that I was able to attend my son’s speech therapy appointment. We waited three months for it and was originally scheduled last week, but my son woke up feeling flush and fluish and I had to cancel. She was able to assess him and see where his strengths and weakness are. She scored a few sections while we were still there and said even though he was severely delayed she saw that he also had some amazing strengths and abilities with his comprehension a and his verbal expressions in tones. She also asked me if I my background was in teaching and I replied in fitness but not in children’s education. She said with all the terminology and how much I had researched she thought I was in education. I left her office beaming and not even the darkened rain clouds couldn’t take away the light I felt in my heart. 

3. I’m thankful that the speech therapist recognized my efforts and gave me the best compliment and called me a Mom warrior. She was so glad that I advocated so strongly for my son as some parents aren’t able to for their own reasons. I thanked her profusely and had to wipe the tears from my eyes. It felt so wonderful to be acknowledged by a professional for the team effort on this journey we’ve been on for the last two years. 

3. I’m thankful for KFC take out and a picnic at the park. I dove into that bucket with a vegeance as I was starving and happily munched that Colonel’s famous recipe that’s so finger licking good. My kids played happily in the playground making new friends while I celebrated KFC being in Canada for 20 years. I was so happy with my impromptu lunch I went and followed them on Twitter. 

4. I’m thankful for soccer in the backyard in the morning, and  bunkering down in the afternoon with Netflix, popcorn, and cuddles with my kids as we listen to the torrential downpour on our skylight. My youngest said it sounded like God was drumming. I love him and his imagination so much. 


image found on Facebook

5. I’m grateful for learning more about Minecraft and all the intricate worlds my oldest son has created. He’s taught me so much as I’ve learned to open my mind to his passion to build, create, and accomplish things I could only dream of. He built this world of the Walking Dead complete with the set of the prison from Season 5 with the zombie creepers and underground bunkers out in the fields. His talent and dedication to express himself with his technological skills amazes me. 

3. I’m thankful for reward charts and token behaviour systems. I’ve started them with my kids to curb some things that were getting out of hand within our communication styles. I use a thermometer to gauge how my oldest son is feeling. Green is for go, talk to me I’m feeling happy and want to engage. Yellow is for caution I’m feeling unhappy, bordering on mad feelings, I need some quiet time I do t want to interact. Red is stop I don’t want to talk I’m angry and I need space immediately. With just using this method to help him express his feelings constructively he was able to tell me and point out exactly how he was feeling. It was a very positive result to a quick temper issue we’ve been trying to handle for awhile. 

4. I’m thankful for how hard my oldest son worked on controlling his temper and he earned enough tokens to have extra screen time at home and then we were able to attend the movie Minions. We loved seeing those adorable little yellow pulls origin of how they evolved to who they are and who they love to work for in present day. Movies aren’t not a family past time for us as our youngest has a sensory disorder and he’s not able to handle being quiet or sitting still for long periods of time. The use of headphones, a gadget to concentrate on, and his favourite blanket made everything quite comfortable for him. Plus his love of Minions is legendary, I will take that for the win of the week! 


image found on Facebook

5. I’m thankful for playgroups that are specifically for children with special needs. We attend one weekly and this time I was able to bring my oldest son. He was the oldest one there which he knew he would be, but he finger painted, played with his brother, and made some new friends as well. It made me so happy to see my son’s playing and enjoying their time being kids with open hearts and minds. 

6. I’m thankful for Fridays and getting together with friends. We enjoyed a delicious meal and then came back to our house to visit some more and soak and chat in my hot tub. I’m looking forward to spending more time with our friends as its a new friendship and they don’t mind driving to see us. As it’s not always possible to plan an outing for success when my youngest has difficulties with transitions. I was so proud of the progress he made in the restaurant. If he needed to shake the “ants out of his pants” we just went for a walk before our meal arrived. Even the owner complimented his behaviour as we’ve been eating there for a year and they become our closest friends. 

7. I’m so thankful for days filled with sunshine and walks along the river. My children are outdoorsy they’re very happy playing in water or being covered in dirt so we love our time spent at the river. They’re learning the fine art of skipping stones and patience when watching the fish swimming around. Much to our delight we saw that someone had layered some rocks around the shallow area, and it made a lovely little pool to wade in. My kids had a blast splashing and playing in there for over an hour on non-stop joy! While this content Mom was able to snap pics and soak up some much needed vitamin D while waving to the boaters who floated on by. 

8. I’m grateful for warm summer nights, fire pits in the backyard and enjoying beers and laughter with our friend and his loveable dog. The kids had so much fun playing with her as we like to call her our “surrogate dog.” There was one near accident as the bolts had come loose from the fire pit door and my oldest went to put some wood in and door came off in his hand and the cover came tumbling down. I’m very grateful for his quick flexes and he wasn’t seriously hurt! 

9. I’m so thankful for the new fitness program I started this week. It’s from Beach Body and it’s called CIZE. The promotion for it is have fun dancing and forget that you’re even exercising. And you know what it’s so true, thirty minutes flies by as you’re learning the choreography and soon you feel like you’re in a music video busting moves with Shaun T. As he says CIZE is the end to all exercise. Eye candy, exercise, and excellent results what more could you ask for?

10. I’m thankful for all the hard work of blood, sweat, and tears that I’ve put into my fitness goals and the results that I have. I completed five fitness challenges, pounds and inches lost, and a whole new respect for myself and my determination. One of those challenges was a detox and that was a very difficult one to get through! So after a thousand questions to my coach Ryan at Gamechangers I decided to sign up as a Beach Body coach! I recently experienced my first week of shakeology, working out daily for 4 months, losing weight, gaining lean muscle mass, having energy, and waking up pain free after 6 years of nursing a back injury I AM a believer! My website is all set up and you can check me out here as well all the amazing information in this power packed fitness machine called Until next week enjoy the last dog days of summer. ?



Daily life in my corner of Canada

I’m excited to take part in the Opionated Man from Harsh Reality’s challenge to showcase where I live.  I’m a Canadian who stumbled across his blog from another fellow talented Canadian writer. My corner of the world is a very interesting one and I’m happy to share it with you today. I was born and raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia Canada. 

Where I grew up in the East Kootneays of BC

Where I lived before in the Fraser Valley in BC
I’ve lived in many different places throughout the province. When I was sixteen I wanted to explore city life once so I moved to Ontario. I lived there for a year and was desperate to get back to my beloved mountains. Due to my husband’s career we move a lot. This is our fourth transfer and our children’s third. Now we currently reside in our new province of Alberta. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when we first moved here, as it’s very flat compared to what I’m used to. In my last town in the Fraser Valley of BC I had mountains in my back yard. Now I reside where I can see clouds stretched out for miles.

Where I live now in Alberta, Canada

When I take walks in my neighbourhood I’m treated to the most amazing gifts of God’s creation. I see brilliant colors woven into the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. It’s my favourite time of day to take in all this natural beauty. I’ve discovered without mountains I can really see each extraordinary colour in these natural paintings. 

When I take my son to hockey practice we have a 30 minute drive out to the country. It’s my favourite time of the week as my kids and are rocking out to the tunes playing. A little Fleetwood Mac, Three Dog Night, and Motley Crüe. My kids grew up with nursery rhymes and knowing the classics as well. The scenery on our drive has been so breathtaking I’ve had to pull over to take pictures. I’ve never seen such spectactcular cloud porn in all my life!

Our favorite thing to do is take a walk along the river. My husband and I teach our son’s the fine art of skipping stones. The peace and tranquility of listening to the flowing water, feeling the crispness in the air, and taking in the sheer beauty of our surroundings is a wonderful gift. 

It can get cold really fast too, where it will go from +6 to -16 overnight. It’s been cold enough since November to build an outdoor rink in our backyard. And our first welcome to Alberta blizzard happened in September! There’s also this amazing phenomenon that occurs called a chinook. It’s when a wave of of warm current air mixes with cold air and the temperature can change from -16 to +16 in a matter of hours. It’s the most spectacular weather pattern I’ve ever witnessed! And now that the temperatures dropped I look forward to the next one. 

And the hockey road trips I’ve taken throughout my province have exposed me to some amazing landscapes. I’ve enjoyed each one, and have been grateful to get to know little towns I wouldn’t have known otherwise. 

And I can’t leave out the views I have from my deck that move me me to tears and cause me to write poetry. It’s a gift to live here and I’m glad that I’ve been able to connect to nature and not feel so lost and alone in this new adventure. And just like the picture says this is my own little slice of heaven.


Thank you for taking this scenic tour with me. And thank you to Jason at Harsh Reality for suggesting this wonderful idea. ?



One of my favourite things to do is read. I love to see and feel the words coming to life in my mind. Reading has always been an escape for me when I felt the world didn’t understand me. I was never judged in my books, I could always cheer for the under dog instead of being one. What a powerful experience that was! It made me feel invincible reading about the character Anne in Anne of Green Gables. All she experienced being an orphan and adopted by the first family who truly loved her for her extraordinary self. I related to Joe in the Little Women series with her spunk and go get them attitude. My life became better and more beautiful in the pages of my books. The adventures I took with Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys brought me great delight. I lived vicariously through their adventures, meeting their characters, and feeling fear and exhilaration as they battered their villains. The first time my beloved Mama read to me I felt such joy as her voice filled my mind, with her descriptive words and inflection in her tone. She had such a gift with words, she made books come to life for me. I remember when I was in Grade one and Mrs. Bossio gave me my first Dick and Jane book. It was like a part of my heart opened up and I fell in love with the written word. I read voraciously after that anything I could get my hands on. Books lead to series and series led to volumes of the encyclopedia. I was enthralled and I couldn’t get enough of anything in print. I started a collection of Archie comic books and I became one of the Riverdale gang. As well as I have always been able to read people as a gift, learning to read was a greater one. I knew I could do anything inside my books no anger, fear, worry, or loss could hold me back. My Mom saw my love grow more and more, so my book collection grew. She had said I was like her, and my Gram fed her habit with reading chapter books, poetry, and the classics like Dickens, Twain, and Shakespeare. I remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank. I saw the beauty and love of family as well as evil personified. I was so heartbroken when Anne didn’t survive the concentration camp. I also knew that was the outcome of war, and what a gift it has been that her words live on through her. With her belief in the power of love, strength, and forgiveness. Like my Gram did for my Mom, and my Mom did for her children, I’ve passed on the gift of reading to my children. My Captain will read chapter books like they’re going out of style. He loves the Diary of a Wimpy kid series and has recently started reading Captain Underpants. My Mad dog will bring me a basket of books each day, and will sit beside me and say Once upon a time and he’ll weave a story together of his own creation. I’ve started our Christmas gifts early this year as I’ve done the 25 days of reading. Each night my sons take turns and open one book to share. We cuddle up on the bed and my Captain and I take turns reading to his brother. And then I read something to them. We’ve taken adventures in fairy tales, climbed mountains in Tibet with Rin Tin Tin, and sailed on the ill fated Titanic. The gift of reading is one I’m so happy to share with my children. And I look for ways to help my Captain be a more confident reader in school. He loves getting lost in books like me, but hesitates with reading out loud. My favourite part of my day is story time when I see my Captain reading to his brother. It fills my heart with such love and pride, knowing they will pass along this gift to their children one day. With each passing moment in my own life when I read and write I feel my Mom living through my thoughts, words, and feelings. And when I have that power of print it’s like she’s never really gone and her heart lives on through me and my children.

This has been my submission to the amazing Ash of and the prompt was the word read. Please check out what Ash had to say and all the other talent who link up. Thank you my dear readers for sharing your love of reading my blog. ?


The treasure map

I was able to treat myself to a nice Chinese food meal. It’s not very often that I get some me time so I took my time piling up my plate and sampling everything in the smorgasbord menu. I dived into my chicken fried rice, wrapped up my shrimp chow mein noodles around my fork, ate my veggies with delight and was so excited to finish this amazing meal with a fortune cookie. Really this the icing on the cake for me. I love the crunchy and light sweetness of that yummy cookie. I opened it up and went to unwrap the fortune and much to my excitement I discovered a map, that’s a treasure in itself! As I examined it closely I learned it was a treasure map! I needed to find a guide to give me a lay of the land. I’m new to the area so I need someone with experience and tracking abilities. Next I went to hire the guide and an excavation team. As the map is leading me to a Mayan temple in the village. My team and I needed to assemble together and enter the temple and split up in tactical teams. As we walked inside I started reading the map and I came upon a wall with inscriptions. With the help of my guide he deciphers them for me. My team fans out being aware of any booby traps in our midst. The squares on the wall are all labelled so one by one I press on them as a musical pattern plays. Very clever oh wise Mayans. The wall suddenly opens up, and everyone is on alert including me, and I’m sweating buckets with anticipation. I look around the room and see that it’s full of ancient artifacts and my eyes are dazzled with oak barrels over flowing with precious gems. The torch I’m carrying lights up the altar before me and my eyes are transfixed upon this gold box encrusted with jewels. I walk towards it and lift the lid and put my hand in the box. I pull out this beautiful platinum ring with a pear shaped pink stone. It’s so huge and beautiful I need a small wheelbarrow to carry it! In a trance like state I put the ring on and a bright blinding pink light covers the entire room and opens up into a swirling vortex! It becomes clear to me the ring is a teleportation device. I step through the portal and let the pink aura envelop me….

This has been my first attempt at writing adventure fiction. I’d like to thank the Brain at for the fun writing prompt. ?



As I sit here listening to the ticking of the clock I contemplate all the changes in my life. It all started when I was born,,I came along the last of 6 kids and changed my sister’s life. She wanted a baby brother and she named me Jimmy. When she found out I was a girl she said “take that one back to the hospital, and bring me a Jimmy.” Out of the mouth of a precocious 4 year old this sounds hilarious. Time went on and I had more changes to deal with. I was 4 now and my parents were separating. I wonder what I could do to fix things so things wouldn’t change, and why did my Dad have to leave. So I lived with my Mom and my sister during the week and had visitations with my Dad and step family on the weekends. At first it was too much change to deal with and I acted out and rebelled. Change meant adapting, change meant frustration and tears, change meant anxiety. We took many family vacations over the spring and summers. I travelled a lot of amazing places in the United States, seen a lot of wonderful things, and met some very special people. I’m Canadian so that’s par for the course, we’re a friendly bunch. I’ve never adapted well to change, it’s just so hard for me to except the sands of time carrying on, and everything changing. Elementary school was a big change for me. In Kindergarten I had to leave my Mom’s side and that was difficult. We had carved out a routine while my sister was away at school. It was only a half day so we would still had our lunch and tea parties in the afternoon. We would go for walks, sit in the field read books, or go cloud watching. I’d throw the ball for my dog Bo, as I watched him run for hours. He’d collapse in my arms and is hug him so tight.
Life was great, I entered Grade 1 and I stayed in school full time. I had made friends so I didn’t mind this change as much. I missed my Mom but I knew I would see her after school and the little girl she was babysitting. We became the best of friends and she was like my little sister. I felt grown up and important, since I rode the bus to and from school with my sister. And I learned how to read, and I loved my teacher. She made books come alive like my Mom did. With her expressions and her tone of voice when reading. I then discovered I could do that, by making the words in my mind create a story in my head. I felt incredible and invincible and I actually liked this change when the print became powerful. I entered Grade 2 and things really changed not for the better, but for the worst. My teacher was tall, loud, mean, and scary. She bullied and ridiculed me on a daily basis. She was very strict, and we had alphabetical attendance taken every morning. No talking, no laughing, just listening. Well I was chatty so I got stuck in the back of the class by her desk so I’d be quiet. I’d talk and she’d hit me on the head with her pencil. I sucked in math and she’d read out everyone’s math score alphabetically at the the of the day. Everyone that is but me, I’d hear mine last 2/20 she’d boom out the score. I’d lay my head on my desk and cry just like clockwork. Then the bell would ring and I’d be on my way home. Back to my safe place my Mom and my books. When a story, a nice cup of tea and a treat would take me away from the pain and onto my next adventure. I started math tutoring with 3 other boys from my class where I was teased and bullied. I had enough so I started fighting back. Being bullied every day I began to get very angry and very vocal. That teacher hit me, pushed me, yelled at me too many times and I took action. The next thing she knew she was in the principal’s office with my parents and my principal. She was there begging for her job while my Dad was raging over her and making her cry. He never wanted to see me hurting , and my Momma bear would do the hurting to defend her cub. The next few years were a blur as I grew up and my social skills increased, and my reading and writing skills grew stronger. I had to face another teacher who was a bully. A lot of time I would ignore her and retreat into the world I could create with my pen. I was a modern day hero writing adventures for my characters taking them on journeys I wished I could take. Over the years in school friends were made and lost, boys were discovered, young love blossomed, and hearts were broken. So much change as I grew from a young anxious child to a tough talking adolescent. No one got me hurt me anymore or I’d do the worst back. I got to Grade 8 when I was bullied again. I retreated into my books and writing as a means to escape. I wanted to become a writer and my Mom supported and encouraged me on this endeavor. With a lot of change, I left that school and those memories behind. With some bumps in the road, more changes of being the new kid, I made it through high school. I was proud to hold my diploma and go to college. After that experience I took a long distance writing course until I ran out of money. So I had to get out in the real world, find a job, and a place to live. Although this change from a cushy cared for life happened, a brave independent one took it’s place. I met and fell in love with my husband, had our precious sons and we built a life together. He likes change, he believes it keeps things new and exciting. I still don’t adapt as well to it, but I don’t fear it as much as I did in the past. In the nearly 9 years of our marriage we’ve moved 4 times for his career. And here I am, yet again the new kid on the block. But there’s also a change in me, I’m an adult and I’m brave and courageous. And I now see my daily life as an adventure instead of a challenge I must conquer. I’m becoming stronger, perusing my love of writing again, and becoming like my characters I wrote about so long ago. And I really love this change, this new me, I’m discovering in life and in print. Thank you for supporting me on this amazing journey. Cheers and hugs to all of you brave souls that are following along. ?

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