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Hi I’m Jeanine and welcome to my website I’m the content creator and storyteller here at my house.

A few ways to describe me are sweet, sarcastic, quirky, and most of all curious about this third rock from the sun- otherwise known as earth. My favourite past time is researching and reading academic articles as I work in childhood disability research. I do this for my job as a parent partner stakeholder with my team, and also for myself and my youngest son as patient’s in a longitudinal research study for rare genetic disorders.

I’m a writer, research assistant, reiki healer, podcaster, and book lover. I’m also a passionate advocate for mental health, genetic research, and neurodiversity, relating to autism and ADHD. On my writing journey I’ve discovered a plethora of passions, instead of one particular niche. Reading, writing, researching, and finding joy in song and dance. Since I was a little girl I’ve had the desire to explore and create through music and literature. Music and storytelling have allowed me to create through song writing and poetry, something that’s both, transforming and healing.

I believe in the sacred art of storytelling through the power of weaving the written and spoken word. I believe we create ripples of healing energy through our bodies, minds, and spirits through the gifts of music, song, and dance. By sharing our stories we create change, positivity and transforming our trauma from pain to peace. Please join me on my personal journey through the magic of words, music, and heart song at my Spotify podcast at House of a Writer

The term heart song I learned from the late, young and talented poet Mattie Stepanak. You can read more about him on his bio at Wikipedia

You can also follow my journey on Facebook at House of a Writer. Thank you for sharing your time here at my little corner of the internet. Namaste dear reader. 💕

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  • My spirit animal-Insomnia
    I watch you in the dark of the night I don’t know if I like you or love you… As you prowl through my thoughts I scream with all my might “You don’t own me!” Yet here we are in this dance between wide
  • Irish in my heart
    Join me as I celebrate my Celtic heritage and the story of my ancestors on this St. Patrick’s and share a piece of my Irish heart.
  • The birthday party
    When you’re a parent to a child with autism a birthday party invite can be both something to be excited about and something to worry endlessly about.
  • 5 years of finding myself on WordPress
    I was so excited when I saw the announcement achievement from WordPress in my notifications. I should’ve planned something wonderful like a giveaway, a party, maybe even had a glass of bubbly champagne to celebrate. But no I did none of those things, I
  • Mindfulness in the mirror
    I love the night time, when I’m finally alone and the moon is my only company. I love to read and write when I feel inspired with the moonlight as my muse. When everyone else is sleeping I hear the gentle sounds of snoring

Books I’m published in

I’ve been blessed to be published as a co-author of these three books above., Mom for the Holidays, and the Lose the Cape Anthologies. I was interviewed for the Today’s Parent Parents Guide to ADHD by award-winning journalist Keith Mcarthur. I went from personal essay writing foray into my career in Family Engagement in Research through Mcmaster University. Which led me to the world of collaboration with my wonderful colleagues into being published in academic journals.