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My spirit animal-Insomnia

on 16 October 2019

I watch you in the dark of the night

I don’t know if I like you or love you…

As you prowl through my thoughts I scream with all my might “You don’t own me!”

Yet here we are in this dance between wide awake and deep sleep.

I watch you and whither in fear and then my fears turn to anger. I wait until I can become calm again.

As my irrationality gets the best of me. Am I dreaming or is a lucid state that I’m fighting to keep upright and aware?

I don’t know anymore, sleep eludes me and the minutes tick by. As my blurry sleepy eyes fall on the digital clock.

My heartbeat thunders in my ears crushing me with it’s unfathomable power! Please I beg let it stop, as I slip between conscious and subconscious realities.

My prayers are answered as I see the sunrise appear through my window as the rays stream through bathing me in it’s warm glow.

“You don’t own me!” I whisper desperately then my eyelids start to droop and welcome sleep envelops me.

The sleep deprivation monster is silenced and I drift off into the homeostasis of peaceful rest.

As I slumber into dreamland and snoring fills the air, it’s pleasantly rhythmic and pleasingly loud!

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