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Ten Things of Thankful-Hapy Mother’s Day 

on 9 May 2016

This day marks the fifth Mother’s Day without my Mom. I have to be honest and tell you that this is a difficult day for me. Mother’s Day has changed for me not having my Mom earth side to share with. She is with the angels and there’s not a day that goes by that I wish that wasn’t true. To lose my only and only Mom is a cross I have to bear in life. I have a ritual I hug my kids, look at pictures of her, sing her favourite song, and light a candle in memory of the light she emanated from her beautiful being. My sons are my everything who brought me back from the abyss of post partum depression and a cloak of grief so intense it hurt to breathe most days. My sons who spread their love and light and make me feel the best gift I’ve ever been given is to be their Mom. ?
I will dedicate my thankful list to my Mom who always encouraged me to shine like a star. ?

I’m thankful for all the late nights she stayed up with me rocking me to sleep even though she was exhausted with my Dad’s work schedule. 

I’m thankful for all the lullabies she sang to me night and day. I lived to hear the sound of her voice it was beautiful and one of the things I miss about her the most. 

I’m thankful for everything she read to me whether it was a Disney book or a Readers Digest. She gave me my love of the written word. And taught me of the amazing adventures that I could have in the pages of a book. 

I’m thankful for all the songs she taught me. From moving spiritual hymns to an Irish tune. Danny Boy was one of her favourites. I grew up listening and learning as her and my Gram sang it. This song holds the most amazing memories for me. I sing it every year for her and imagine our heavenly duet filling the sky with our voices. 

I’m thankful for her love of Elvis Presley. By the time I was seven I had heard and memorized every song, saw all his movies, and pours over every magazine article. I’m proud that I was raised in the “church” of Elvis. I still have a love and appreciation for his music. 

I’m thankful for our amazing storytelling ability. With her words and inflection in her voice she made stories come to life, and the characters jumped off the bed. She had wonderful impressions and voices that made these characters feel like family to me. One of my favourite thing to do with my kids is read to them. They always say “do the voice Mom that make me laugh.” 

I’m thankful for how loving she was to family and friends. She would always have the kettle on and ready for a chat and a pot of tea. Kids in my neighbourhood always knew they could come to our house to have a meal or a shoulder to cry on. It made me feel proud that she was loved by so many. 

I’m thankful for her talent in the kitchen. She could make a yummy casserole by putting in everything but the kitchen sink. She loved to grocery shop and loved getting my sister and I a special treat for our lunches. I still can’t eat a twinkly without thinking of my Mom. 

I’m thankful for her laughter. She could laugh politely when she had too. But I loved the most is if she thought something so funny she’d throw back her head and roar with laughter. I was always doing goofy things to make her giggle it was music to my ears. 

I’m thankful for how I felt when I was with her, loved and important. She made every conversation I had with her priority. Whether I was talking about the mundane life of Dick and Jane, or sad about failing a math test, or happy about a story I was writing and I felt connected to my words. She was my gift and I’m so grateful for her bringing me into the world so I could fall in love marry my amazing husband, and become a Mom to our precious sons.

*There is no linkup with the TTOT group this week because of our dear Lizzi’s computer failing. I still wanted to write my post and honour the memory of my beloved Mama.*?


18 Responses to “Ten Things of Thankful-Hapy Mother’s Day ”

  1. valj2750 says:

    A lovely tribute to your Mom. My Mom has been gone eight years and I’m thankful for so much, especially the memories that I treasure now. This was beautiful.

  2. As Val said, this is a beautiful tribute to your mom. I am so very blessed and glad to have my mom with me. There is no way I am ready for that life change yet. We do all miss my Grandmother so very much. I had her in my life for 40 years – something not many grandchildren can say – and I am so grateful for that time. Sending you love. xo

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Lisa I was very close to my Gram too. Her and my Mom will the centre of my universe. I think that’s wonderful you had her in your life for so long. Losing my Gram first, then my Dad, followed by my step sister, then my Mom changed me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. Through it all I’ve learned resilience and to truly appreciate and value my loved ones. ❤️

  3. 80smetalman says:

    I have to third what Val said, it is a very lovely tribute to your mother.

  4. Colleen says:

    Lovely Mothers Day tribute to your Mom Jeanine ~~ (( Hugs ))

  5. This post is beautiful. As Colleen says, it’s a “Lovely Mothers Day tribute”. Really reminds me of how fortunate I am to still have my mom around.

    Thanks for sharing xoxo

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