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My Mommitment journey and car decal giveaway

on 23 February 2016

A year ago I was suffering from a major judgemental spiral. Being a special needs parent I had more than enough stares, disapproving looks, and snide comments. It was always when my son was reacting to his environment of being too loud, busy, and over stimulating. I still remember a very public sensory meltdown that ensued when we were in a McDonalds. After a day of travelling for hockey I chose a quiet place to have his happy meal than an amped up hockey team pizza night. Well little did I know that the town was going to see a spectacle in that quiet venue. 

It always starts out innocently enough of they didn’t have the toy he wanted. So we go for plan B and they don’t have that either. After those options we decide to eat our meal by this time I have an upset child running up and down on the bench. To any outsider this looks like my son is spoiled and I’m a passive parent. When really it’s an impending feeling of doom for him struggling with preservasive behaviours that his mind is telling him he needs. 

We always have a set routine at our McDonald’s, but this isn’t our local one so making do is our only option. That’s when the judgement bus comes rolling in and I feel hot, stifling, embarrassment and then a instant cup of angry for my son being judged. I ended up overreacting and gave those diners quite a show of what it feels like to be prisoner in a sensory overloaded moment. I left that restaurant feeling defeated as I had to pick up my son and go back to the hotel. 

I brainstormed, wrote a blog, and had to think of a way to change this negative to a positive. So I prayed on it, I always believe when the student is ready the teacher appears. That’s when Mommitment came into my life. Now I judge less, and ignore more, I spread awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder than anger, and I love and forgive myself and my son because life can be as unpredictable as how his central nervous system and senses are. Today a year later I’m still a work in progress but I stick to my Mommitment mindset and proudly wear this decal on my vehicle. This is my check in for the day, week, and month to remind me of my Mommitment and now that I know better I do better. 

Without further ado here is the Giveaway details. Follow the Rafflecopter guidelines from Tues, Feb. 23 rd to Tues, March. 1 st. Two winners will be chosen for a Mommitment decal that you can proudly display. 

What can you do to support a Mom in your life and community by showing compassion and non-judgement? 

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26 Responses to “My Mommitment journey and car decal giveaway”

  1. #mommitment – A brilliant word!!

  2. This is my first visit, and I will be following from today, I would like to say one thing, Whatever you do, will be just fine, because a mother always know’s best for her very loved child,,it does not matter what others think, it’s what you think that matters, Have a good day

  3. You are a heroin and I love the way you dealt with it. I am new to the solidarity challenge and happy it brought me to your blog. By the way I offer phone life coaching and I would be more than happy if you are interested to try. Best of luck

  4. Katie says:

    Compassion and non-judgement, so much needed nowadays, not only for moms, but for people in general.

  5. New Journey says:

    Great idea….I never judge mothers or fathers and there children…you just never know what’s behind the scene….all you can do is not stare, not make snide remarks…but smile and nod to show support….kat

  6. sandracharrondotcom says:

    Wow…just wow…I love this post. I don’t have a special needs child but it doesn’t matter, I’m your new follower. I love how you turned an overwhelming situation into a positive one, and your attitude definitely reflects so much wisdom and acceptance. I also joined the #mommitment movement last year. Feels good not to give a crap how other people are doing their own thing with their own kids.

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much Sandra for your kind words of encouragement. I was becoming a very miserable person and I didn’t want my son to see that and be influenced by it. I’m so happy you’re part of Mommitment it’s changed my life for the better and Julie’s a dynamo with so much love and wisdom! Please be sure to enter my giveway for a fancy decal for your vehicle. Thank you for the follow it means a lot to me. ?

  7. Nancy Humpage says:

    I love this movement! I found you through Julie Maida. Rock on, momma!

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