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Ten Things of Thankful

on 1 February 2016

It’s that time again to say hello, and tell you how thankful my week has been. I’ve had smiles, tears, laughter, love, and forgiveness. There’s also been blessings,  ephiphanies and the realization that I’m a force to be reckoned with. Let me tell you a story of my gratitude as part of Lizzi’s TTOT linkup
I’m thankful for a quiet Monday this week after we just got back from a fun but busy hockey tournament. I was feeling drained and a hot tub soak, chiropractor visit, and a home cooked meal were just what the Dr ordered. 

I’m thankful that I don’t take no for an answer in the medical community. My youngest son was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday and late Monday night he started running a fever out of the blue. He had a slight cough and was burning up I had no medicine left in the house so my husband had to bring some home after hockey practice. I phoned the hospital and alerted them of our situation. I was told to still bring him in and have him assessed the next day. 

I’m thankful for my husband bringing home Tylenol our poor little boy was so feverish and falling in and out of sleep. I put a cool cloth on his head while he slept in our bed all night. I was so afraid to leave him alone with his fever and sleep apnea. He radiated heat all night and his fever didn’t break and I sat on my bathroom floor crying and praying for him to be well again. 

I’m thankful when we did get to the hospital how thorough the nurses and Dr’s were with my son. Taking his blood pressure, checking his temperature, and listening to his heart. They had to cancel the MRI again with the fever of 101 Farenheit and postpone the surgery. I asked a lot of questions and asked the Dr to assess my son and explain to me what the risks were associated with administering an anesthetic in colleration with a fever. She was patient and felt sorry that she had to cancel since we were up at 5  am to get to the hospital and she was aware how much we have to prepare our son for these hospital visits. 

I’m thankful for a day to rest just cuddling with my sick little boy this was Wednesday and his fever was still high at 100 Farenheit. It had only come down a degree and he just laid in bed and slept most of the two days. Both my children and I run high fevers so it’s our “normal” but I still watch for signs of febrile seizures which can occur from infancy to the age of six. 

I’m thankful for day four (Thursday) and goodbye fever and hello happy boy! I still kept him home from preschool in case there was any residual germs floating around. It’s still unexplained what he was fighting off with no cold, flu, or infection symptoms possibly a virus.  We worked on fine motor and gross motor skills training and napped to conserve our energy for the weekend. 

I’m thankful for Friday TGIF it’s family movie night in our house and I was really looking forward to seeing Inside Out on Netflix. Wow that was the worth the wait what a lovely movie. That really helped touch on some anger and anxiety issues my oldest son was having. I love movies with a message that all we need is love, appreciation, and to communicate our needs. 

I’m thankful for catching up on work assignments, cuddles and movies with my son’s, and hockey Saturday. Although my son’s team lost 4-3 they put in an another valiant effort when they were missing one of their top scoring  offencemen. I must say every arena I go to has an assortment of foods on the menu. This one had the best chicken fingers and fries I’ve ever had for hockey food. 

I’m thankful for Sunday a day of rest and reflection. I read, got almost all my laundry put away, washed, dried, and folded. It feels  good to have two weekends in a row where I’m not my laundry’s prison bitch. 

I’m thankful for learning a lot about myself this week. I didn’t panic when my son got sick, I usually do with all the other neurological issues he has. He was a premature baby so I’m used to him catching whatever germs floating in the air. Yet he hadn’t ran a fever like that since he was two years old! I stayed calm, used my essential oils on him and myself, gave him medicine when he needed, and let him rest to strengthen his immune system. We will wait and see what happens with rescheduling his hospital procedures. I feel I’m better prepared and equipped to handle them then I was before. 

Thanks for stopping by today, goodnight my sweet readers. ?

16 Responses to “Ten Things of Thankful”

  1. Glad your son is over his fever. Take care. Hope his hospital appointment for surgery will be rescheduled soon.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    Ditto with Marje, good news your boy is better. Sounds like you survived another hectic week.

    • jsackmom says:

      Yes survived is the best term Mike. My head and heart sure took a kicking between early mornings, late nights and lots of worry. I’m praying for healthy days ahead. ?

  3. bobcabkings says:

    Also glad your son got better. Having a child so ill is so scary and heart hurting. Good list.

    • jsackmom says:

      It really is Bob, his poor little body was fighting off something worrisome. I’m glad he’s better now and now we hurry up and wait. Thank you for reading. ?

  4. valj2750 says:

    It’s so scary when our kids are sick. I remember taking every breath all night long with my sick children. Hope you find peace and tranquility in every day.

    • jsackmom says:

      Yes it’s so scary Val I already don’t sleep a large amount so to lose anymore is difficult to manage. I’m thankful for naps and cuddles and that my other son didn’t get sick as well. More peace and tranquility is needed and sought after. ☺️

  5. Kristi says:

    Glad the fever broke and best wishes for the upcoming surgery.

  6. lrconsiderer says:

    I think you did brilliantly well to manage the situation as well as you did, and I hope they’re able to reschedule soon. Such a shame he was poorly at just that crucial point!

    Hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend and are prepared for the week, and that health and happiness abound in your household.

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much Lizzi. I felt a lot better with my response to the second cancellation. I couldn’t believe the odds that he was sick just hours before! Now I’m praying that the hospital reschedules soon. I just want them to help my sweet son. ❤️

      • lrconsiderer says:

        I hope so too. SO MUCH! He sounds like he was a trooper though, and you too. I’m glad you were able to respond well, and felt that for yourself, too. But AUGH! Praying for a quick reschedule and sending lots of love and light your way xo

        • jsackmom says:

          Thank you so much Lizzi my son is a champ he teaches me more about patience and believing in the impossible. It’s frustrating to have to wait I appreciate your kindness. ❤️

  7. herheadache says:

    I always enjoy your thankful posts.
    The immune system can be a finicky thing sometimes.
    Glad your little boy is alright, and sometimes the body isn’t ready for something like a surgery, but so glad you and he had great care and he’s doing bwetter.
    Ah, hockey is a fun game for a lot of kids. I am sure it teaches them a lot of excellent lessons.
    I haven’t seen that movie you watched yet, but my nephew loves it and I hear it has a wonderful message about feelings.
    Laundry’s prison bitch…hmm, interesting.

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much for reading. My son’s a preemie so his immune system does take a kicking during cold/flu season. I was working on building it up and then falling sick the night before was so hard on him. We love hockey, playing or watching it and it’s the best exercise for my older son. The Inside/Out movie was so sweet, profound, and inspirational. I ended up watching twice on the weekend as it’s on Netflix now. It’s definitely a keeper I look forward to buying soon. ?

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