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Ten Things of Thankful

on 7 December 2015

I’ve had a busy weekend up before the sun and back after sunset. My son had a hockey tournament and I found so many things to be grateful for in this weekend alone! It’s been a long week that had my kids and I sidelined with the flu bug. In that time I felt sorry for mysel and had to look for things to be grateful for. I’m glad that in my fever hazed and sick days that I was able to see a silver lining in the grey clouds. Tome to wrap up my week with The TTOT linkup

I’m thankful for cuddles with my children. There’s something about the vulnerability of a child when they just need their Mama to help them to feel better. 

I’m thankful for my oldest son looking after me when I fell prey to the flu germs infesting our home. He was on his way to recovery but still needed to rest. So he set up movies for his little brother, made me some tea and watched over me while I slept. God bless him and his beautiful loving heart. 

I’m thankful for finally feeling better after not being sick since a year ago! Then it was my youngest son’s turn luckily it was a fast acting flu bug and he got rid of it quickly. He was so weak and exhausted and he spent most of his time sleeping. I was so glad when his fever broke and he was able to keep down some food. My poor sweet boy was so grateful for Mama cuddles as was I. 

I’m thankful for a family road trip. There’s always music, laughter, and yes even some fighting between my son’s. Yet it’s the conversations that take place that are the most special way to get to know what each other’s thinking. 

I’m thankful for sunrises that take my breath away. There’s nothing more spectacular than seeing God’s graciousness in the colourful tapestrys of beauty. 

 I’m thankful for the clouds that roll in to signify the end of the day and turn into a stunning sunset. Beautiful like a treasured artwork painted by God’s paintbrush. 

I’m thankful for strong little hockey players that put there all into playing their game. My son’s team finished up in third place after two wins and one loss. They passed, played, and held themselves with pride and did everyone in that arena  a service of watching their hearts on display. 
I’m so proud and thankful that the coaches recognized my son for the heart and hustle award for the second year in a row! He was so excited to show me his certificate and hockey puck. 

 I’m thankful for a fun but hectic weekend. There was so upset and meltdowns to deal with due to my son’s special needs and crowds of people can be hard for him to process. He knew that I would be there for him and protect him when needed. 
I’m thankful for pizza pool parties with a bunch of happy hockey players, and taking turns trying to out splash each other on the water slide. After all that was said and done soaking in the hot tub was the best gift of the day. 

10 Responses to “Ten Things of Thankful”

  1. Vanessa D. says:

    My youngest played hockey for a year – it’s such an amazing thing that first year and how much their skating improves.

    Nobody ever wants to be sick, but at least it sounds like it’s a fast moving bug that didn’t linger over making you all feel rotten.

    • jsackmom says:

      I agree Vanessa the rate of improvement just from one season to the next amazes me! That flu bug kicked our butts but luckily it was short lived. ?

  2. 80smetalman says:

    Good news that you’re feeling better now.

    • jsackmom says:

      I am relieved Mike after not being sick for a year I forgot how vulnerable it can feel. I’m so glad that my kids got the feel good cuddles and we got through it looking after each other. ?

  3. lrconsiderer says:

    A soak in a hot tub sounds GLORIOUS! What a week you’ve had. I’m glad that all the illnesses are over and done with, and I hope that the rest of your time until Christmas is germ-free.

    Snuggles with kids are always wonderful, but it’s lovely when you can give them that extra comfort when they’re ill. Glad you all had each other.

    • jsackmom says:

      I love hot tub time it’s the one place where I give into the bubbles of relaxation. It was a long week to end it on a positive note with pizza pool party was just what we all needed. ?

  4. herheadache says:

    Sounds like you deserved that soak in a hot tub after the week you had. Glad you are feeling better.

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