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Monday Musings-hiding in plain sight

on 23 November 2015

Life has a way of catching up on you without you realizing. Whether you’ve been eating unhealthy, sleep deprived, or skipping out on daily workouts. All the above has happened to me I’ve been dealing with death, disillusionment, and deadlines. It started out as a way to protect my heart, my family, and just not wanting to deal with the sadness of it all. 
I found it difficult to concentrate on anything so I just kept putting my head down and plowing through life. The late night spent reading, researching, and staring at the moon and asking for answers to life’s mysteries has taken their toll. I had to take a backseat as I felt like my emotions were in the drivers seat. I had to share more than I wanted as I walked away from my business, ignored emails, and my accountability fitness group. I protected myself and put my attention  into my family and my passion and dedication to my theatre group. 

This hasn’t been the first time I put my grief on hold. There’s many times when the pain I felt as an emotional reaction and the empathic aftermath of the grief of others has sent me into a tailspin. You wouldn’t know it to look at me. I got up and got my kids off to school, folding my ever flowing laundry baskets, and made my daily phone calls to family and friends to inform them of the sad news. I had to cut of communication with a family member who’s need for greed was too much for me to bear. Yet I continued to pray that their heart and mind would change. Death doesn’t always bring out the best in people. It’s a rude awakening to see it happening right before my eyes and being powerless to change it. 
Every night for eight shows you’d seen me bright and shining on stage with my cast of our pantomime play. I only told three people how I was really feeling and then dry my tears and put my makeup on and carry on. We had boisterous sold out crowds and small appreciative ones who’s interaction with the pantomime play was as entertaining as the acting itself. 
On our final show I was backstage at intermission and everyone was running around signing each other’s programs and making efforts to keep in touch and it struck me like a thunderbolt, that this was my lifeline. These people, the script, costumes, heart to to heart chats whispering back and forth were my way of divinely grieving. I was honouring my loved one by continuing to live! I had dove headfirst into something that gave me a chance to escape and in the process I was healing my heart. I didn’t realize it until I looked around the room and saw those smiling beautiful faces. It thrilled me to have this ephiphany and I wrote something quickly in my notes so I could cherish this moment for always. Today I share it with you and I hope my words bring you some inspiration about finding your passion in life. Thank you never seems like enough to say so to exude those feelings of gratitude is even more special to me. 

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37 Responses to “Monday Musings-hiding in plain sight”

  1. Nicely written and I love the pink wig!
    Death really is an odd one. Whether it biophysical death of a person or the death of an acquaintance you may have had it makes no difference, we all grieve in our own different ways. I draw into myself for a few days, recharge my batteries and tell myself it won’t happen again although it nearly always does.

  2. Sometimes we don’t know what or who becomes our lifeline.. life has its secret ways. I am truly very happy to read this post. It has the true spirit which drives us each day- living as the day arrives 🙂 I am sending you all the power and love from my end 🙂


  3. 80smetalman says:

    It’s great that getting to act is such an uplift for you, we all need that. And Jeanine, actually, the pink hair kind of suits you.

  4. Mahevash says:

    You are one brave lady! Loved this post 🙂

  5. Bea dM says:

    “… I was honouring my loved one by continuing to live!” is the key to dealing with death. Our loved ones would like us to carry on with our lives with as much joy and energy we can muster with them in our hearts —

    • jsackmom says:

      I agree it’s difficult at times not to get sucked into a grieving vortex. I’ve lost a lot of loved ones so I just keep on pushing forward to find the reserves of strength I know I have.

      • Bea dM says:

        yes, life itself – the people in our lives, the little daily things, the larger projects – generates the energy we need if we keep on moving ahead.. Sending you positive thoughts

        • jsackmom says:

          It’s true I’ve always thought I didn’t have a choice to wallow in my sadness because it’s in my DNA to be strong. Thank you for your positive thoughts. ?

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