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Writer’s quotes Wednesday and #Bewow

on 17 October 2015

My children have a way of making my heart sing and my spirit smile. I love how much they love each other. Here’s an example of that love captured in real time. These balloons have been floating around my ceiling for the last few weeks. So one day my son’s wanted to play with them. Before I could grab a step stool they engineered this plan. ❤️

This has been my submission to Writer’s quotes Wednesday and #Bewow the inspiration is abundant here and one of my favourite places to be. ?

7 Responses to “Writer’s quotes Wednesday and #Bewow”

  1. 80smetalman says:

    They’re very resourceful

  2. New Journey says:

    I believe that siblings are wonderful…what one doesn’t think o the other one does….LOL what great team work….kat

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