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Ten things of thankful

on 12 October 2015

Today I prepared and shared a wonderful turkey dinner with my family. Tomorrow is our Canadian Thanksgiving  and we had our turkey and all the trimmings tonight. It’s so fitting that I’m linking up with Lizzi and the TTOT family on this special weekend. Where quality time spent with my family is what I enjoy the most, from the laughter to our Thanksgiving tradition of sharing what we’re thankful for. ?

I’m also thankful for this epic pie! It was as delicious as it looks. ?

I have some many things to be thankful for as I smell my delicious turkey roasting in the oven. My family who even if we yell, fight, we love, hug, and forgive just as easily. ❤️

I’m thankful for my siblings who are like a warm comfy security blanket when I feel unsure of myself and my life’s direction. They’re always there offering me their love and guidance and I’m so grateful for that. ❤️

 I’m thankful for my friends who love me and accept me for who I am. They’ve been wanting me to come and visit for awhile since my move so it’s time to plan a road trip or save up for a plane ticket. ?

I’m thankful for the beautiful weather we’re having for fall. We’re experiencing a Chinook, where a warm current of air sits above a cold one and temperature dramatically gets warmer. Last week we were + 6 and today we’re +22. ?


I’m thankful for a wonderful blessing I found out about last weekend. I’m going to be in a book anthology! My essay I submitted was accepted and the book will be out by Christmas time. I’m so happy and proud to be a part of this special project with these amazing authors. ??

I’m thankful that I have the ability to write and tell my story. Sometimes the content I do write isn’t always easy to share, but I know with each story I heal a little more each time. ❤️

I’m thankful for a busy week filled with hockey, visits, shopping, and quality time spent with friends and family.?

I’m thankful for this platform to express my gratitude from with the Ten Things of Thankful family at the helm of my thankful ship. ❤️

I’m thankful for my wonderful husband who saw I needed help as my head and heart took a trip to overwhelmed ville and he threw me anchor and now I’m afloat. Our youngest son suffers from sleep disordered breathing and had to have a polysonogram. It was difficult to see him hooked up to sensor pads and wires. I made everything into an adventure by telling him the computer and magic wires were giving him superhero powers. It was a long night for me but he slept soundly even with all the attachments that encumbered him. I’m so proud of my little superhero and his bravery. ❤️?


I’m thankful for you who stop by to read my words, share my posts, and like to hang out and chat. That’s a whole bucket full of thankfuls I’m grateful to have in my life. ?❤️


28 Responses to “Ten things of thankful”

  1. Kristi says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! My youngest son had sleep apnea/brachycardia when he was a baby, and went through several sleep studies, and slept with a monitor for about 6 months. It is amazing that anyone could sleep wired up like that, but somehow they manage. What a great superhero you have!

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much for sharing that Kristi. I really don’t know if I could it, but it looks like I’ll have to as sleep apnea can be hereditary. I’m so proud and amazed with my son’s superhero resilience. ❤️

  2. 80smetalman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Jeanine.

  3. Vanessa D. says:

    Any little guy who can sleep with all of those wires and stuff really is a super hero!

    I cooked a turkey last weekend as I knew we would be having dinners elsewhere this weekend. It was awesome to smell while it was cooking and I love having so much leftovers for my guys.

    • jsackmom says:

      Leftovers are my favourite part Vanessa. My son’s bravery is truly inspiring. He has a sensory disorder so having anyone touch his head or skin is very, very, difficult. But after years of not being able to sleep soundly and then the apnea discovered 18 months ago, he just wants to sleep peacefully. I still am amazed he was able to endure it especially the mouth piece. That would’ve annoyed me to no end. My turn will come soon enough though as the sleep specialist wants me to get assessed as well.

      • Vanessa D. says:

        I am supposed to schedule an sleep study for myself and I’m not looking forward to it.

        • jsackmom says:

          I’m not either but really when it comes to being a matter of life or death with breathing properly it puts things into perspective for me. I’m going to hang onto to my son’s bravery. I’ve also been told that adults get to wear a device like a bracelet to record their sleep patterns.

  4. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Great list here and I absolutely love gorgeous fall weather!

  5. ivywalker says:

    My boy was like Kristis… Monitors and wires for at least a year…well it felt that long at least!!! Its do-able… Best to your guy!

  6. dyannedillon says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations on being included in the anthology!
    My mom just had to do a sleep study for apnea and was describing these marbles stuck all over her head with wires attached. Now I can see what she was talking about! Poor little guy! I hope the study helps him get the sleep he needs.

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much Dyanne I’m so excited for the book release and confirming to myself that I could do it! ? Yes you’re Mom is correct about the sensor pads. The ones on my son’s legs were like snaps for the cords to connect. He endured a lot and had to have them glued on his head. He’s so brave and I’m so proud of him. ❤️

  7. New Journey says:

    Happy Thanksgiving….pumpkin pie looked yummy….and how wonderful about anthology…I agree your little one is a super hero….kat

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Kat, it was so delicious that my oldest son ate most of it today. I had to go pick up another one for my husband. I’m so excited about the book, one thing to cross off my bucket list! ? I’m so proud of my son and his superhero powers. ❤️

      • New Journey says:

        yes he is a special little boy, so brave….and the book, well that’s just out of the park…how wonderful for you!!

        • jsackmom says:

          I’m very excited about the book! I will start more promotion on it soon for it’s Christmas release. It confirms to me that dreams really do come true, and I’m eager to continue writing my own book. As for my son I love him so and pray that all the answers will come together for him soon. ❤️

  8. Pat B says:

    Yummy looking pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving. I’ve worn a CPAP mask at night for several years now after having had a sleep apnea study done. It has really helped me to get a more restful night’s sleep, so during the day, I’m much more awake and alert. You have a brave little guy!

    • jsackmom says:

      It was so delicious Pat my husband had me buy another since our oldest are half of it. I’m always so curious about the CPAP machines as 3 members of my family have OSA. I don’t know if that’s what I’ll need to invest in for my son or if his adenoids need to come out. More specialists to be seen while I’m awaiting the results of his study. He truly is so courageous with all he’s had to endure since his premature birth. My little champ is so loved. ❤️

  9. herheadache says:

    Glad to hear about your Thanksgiving. It certainly was wonderful weather for it.
    Congratulations, also, for getting your essay accepted into an anthology. I know how exciting that news can be.

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