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One liner Wednesday

on 17 September 2015

There’s that feeling in the air with the kids back to school. Organization of school schedules and tired kids are the result in that first week. We had some school shopping to accomplish before my youngest went to preschool. So I woke him up and I was doing my best to motivate him. He looked at me and said “give me a break Mom, it’s my day off” and promptly crawled back into his bed. That’s my cheeky monkey. ?

This has been my submission to One Liner Wednesday check out all the funny, sweet, and inspiration there today! 

2 Responses to “One liner Wednesday”

  1. Michael says:

    My son (who is 15) acts just the same.

    “It’s my day off, I don’t wanna think about school!”
    “It’s the weekend… not school.”
    “I don’t wanna go to bed before the sun comes up! It’s Saturday!”

    Kids, eh? 😉

    Lovely post! Keep up the great work!

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