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Ten Things of Thankful

on 20 July 2015

It surprises me that Sunday is already here! I feel like the summer days are passing me by too fast. So time to harness some fun and thankfulness out of them before they’re gone. I love this time of week for the tribe of Lizzi’s TTOT who inspire and lift me up with angels wings. ❤️

1. I’m thankful for lessons of respect and compassion learned by both my son’s and myself. We learned we need to use our words more and yell in frustration less. And when we’re feeling vulnerable doing things to fill each other’s kindness bucket is a wonderful way to fix that. 

2. I’m thankful for summer camp and all the cool crafts that my son is making there. He comes home with such pride and smiles which makes me so happy he’s having fun being creative there.

3. I’m thankful for the playtime I get to enjoy at the playground with my youngest son while his brother is in camp. We have made some new friends and reconnected with old ones. He’s so excited to have that one on one time with me again and some am I. 

4. I’m thankful for keeping up with my fitness schedule and feeling stronger with each workout. I did some really intense sessions and needed a couple of rest days. I was proud of myself though because interval and plyomeyrics training is something I haven’t done for a long time. 

5. I’m thankful that I was able to catch up on my never ending laundry basket. There’s weeks where I’m her bitch, and days where she’s mine. #winningthisweek. ?

6. I’m thankful that I had a lazy day yesterday and got to watch a marathon of one of my favourite tv series Hell on Wheels. It was filmed in my province and I look forward to hiking in the country that’s showcased on the series. 

 7. I’m thankful for my family who I love and friends who have become family. I’ve always been a friendly person, but to be told that I’m missed, my words have touched hearts, and I’m the only friend who is still there in the end makes me feel warm and fuzzy with love. 

8. I’m thankful for golden opportunities that are presented to me when I just think positive and believe in myself and my abilities. 

9. I’m thankful that family holidays can begin and my husband and I have been planning ways to surprise our kids and enjoy our time off. 

10. I’m thankful for my husband and his pitching in around the house and rallying our little troops to help. It didn’t look like I had accomplished anything with keeping clean and tidy home. Toys strewn about and popcorn and cereal remnants littered my floors and threatened my patience. So the team went to work and this Mama is a happy camper. 


14 Responses to “Ten Things of Thankful”

  1. Vanessa D. says:

    It’s always a pleasant thing when the kids surprise you with a burst of help! There have been many times this past few months mine have done the same here, and it’s appreciated every time.

    Winning the laundry game, even if only for a short period of time is always a good thing!

    • jsackmom says:

      I agree, when the willingness is there it’s even better. Grumbling and doing a half assed job isn’t what I need. So when my two boys happily started cleaning after “hurricane Mom” blew through I felt relieved. Laundry is my nemesis, time to harness her ability to breed in my laundry room. ?

  2. Colleen says:

    Ten awesome ‘things of thankful’ Jeanine!!
    Good for you for realizing them all.
    Keeping yourself healthy and fit is so important too!
    Nice that Jeff has holiday time coming up from a busy grocery store!
    I remember those great ‘vacation days’ well .. Enjoy your Family time!!

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Colleen yes I’m feeling grateful. Having accountability is important to me so my goals can be reached. I’m looking forward to being an tourist around my new province! We were moving last time and we weren’t able to experience much except unpacking and organizing. You and Bob look as happy and radiant as ever. Cheers to you both and happy summer memories created. ?❤️

  3. dyannedillon says:

    Summers always fly by, don’t they? One more month and it’s back to school. Wahhh!
    Nice that your son is enjoying camp and making crafts and that it gives you one-on-one time with your younger son. Hope your upcoming vacation is fun and relaxing.

    • jsackmom says:

      They do fly by too fast, considering how long we wait for them to happen! Camp has been a blessing as my oldest is not a kid that can be bored for very long. And discovering new ways to have fun with my youngest has been really rewarding. My son’s are growing up so fast, I just want to bottle these happy moments. ?

  4. I love your wonderfully positive list this week, but I really love number 8 🙂

  5. Kristi says:

    Having someone to rally the troops is so wonderful! Many hands do make light work!

  6. Cheers to you for keeping up with your fitness goals – always a challenge for me. And the laundry basket thing? I live that, too. Congratulations on a win!

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    I don’t have ten today so I’ll go with yours! Very nice post. 🙂 -OM
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