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Ten things of Thankful

on 12 July 2015

It’s Sunday and the day I linkup with a beautiful  group of thankful people  TTOT with Lizzi. Since I started this reflective post my life has grown and changed for the better. I’ve begun to appreciate more of what I’ve worked hard for instead of what I need, want, and should have. This has been a very  special eye opening experience and I’ve learned more about myself as the result. Connecting with like minded people have filled my heart with appreciation for their own level of gratitude and how it connects to my own. Because in the end we are all connected with our thread of human spirit. Now onto to my week of thank you’s ?
1. I’m so thankful for a happy and productive week. My oldest son was in camp and learning about the values of the bible, kindness, and how important it is to have God in his life. 

2. I’m thankful that I was able to connect with the camps leaders that have made a difference in my son’s life. Knowing he was excited to see then each day and learning bible verses and proverbs made me so happy and grateful. ?

3. I’m thankful that my youngest son was able to attend a camp of his own. And he’s able to reconnect with his respite worker, and we met some other parents with children with special needs. ?

4. I’m thankful for beautiful summer weather it was a late start with cooler temperatures in May. Waking up to see the sunshine truly is my elixir in life. 

5. I’m thankful for the sunshine but today I’m also grateful for the rain. It has been needed with 34 out of control forest fires in my province. 

6. I’m thankful for the love of my husband. He’s my soft place to fall at the end of a long day, and my biggest and best, cheerleader in my life. ❤️

7. I’m thankful for my children, we hit the jackpot having them join our couple and create a beautiful family. Their laughter, smiles, and I love you’s fill me with so much love and pride it brings tears to my eyes. ?

8. I’m thankful for early morning and late night hot tub soaks. It feels so good to relax and let those bubbles and massaging jets revamp my tired body and rejuvenate my spirit. ?

9. I’m thankful for keeping consistent with my fitness goals. I’m close to completing my fifth fitness challenge and I’m losing weight and gaining strength with each obstacle I face. ?

10. I’m thankful for being published again this week! This time for my poetry at Blu Sky Collective I’m very proud of myself as I usually write that for my blog. ?

Please help share in that reader love and check out all the wonderful thankful people that link up each week. ?


14 Responses to “Ten things of Thankful”

  1. Vanessa D. says:

    Your number 5 leaves me to wonder if you aren’t out in BC – we seem to have swapped weather this year and I would be more than happy to send the rain back your way. TToT has become a huge part of my life in a relatively short period of time. I find it so helpful to keep me from being a Negative Nessy.

    • jsackmom says:

      Yes Vanessa, I want to abolish the negativity as well! I was out in BC and now most of fires are moving throughout AB and Sask. I’ve seen that back east has got so much rain and cooler weather, that’s definitely not the norm. When I lived there the humidity would engulf me and I’d have 3 showers a day. I’m so happy that TTOT mean just as much to you too. ?

  2. christine says:

    I’m so glad to see you back at the TToT. The exercise of writing down the good things in life has a huge impact on the entire week. Our focus most certainly changes, and it’s all in a positive way.
    Good for you, sticking with those fitness goals. I’m glad to hear you are keeping strength as a focus. Weight loss doesn’t mean nearly so much if it doesn’t come with better fitness.
    I’m also glad to hear you are having enjoyable weather. It’s something for which to be thankful, for sure.

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Christine, yes it’s a lesson in gratitude to see the things in print what I’m thankful for. I used to keep a gratitude journal years ago and then I stopped. I love how TTOT keeps me accountable and shines a positive light on my life. Strength is very important to me because there’s osteo issues in my family. Cardio is next on my list of health as I need to keep up with my kiddos. ?

  3. Kristi says:

    Consistency with fitness goals is a huge accomplishment, and something I’m struggling to establish again. I love hearing of the successes of others, as it helps motivate me!

    • jsackmom says:

      Yes I agree, you have to be in it to win it. And when I make goals for others instead of myself I don’t have that much success in the long term view of things. I love sharing my fitness journey because it’s getting back to the core of me that matters the most. ?

  4. the family does often form the center of the life grateful!

    …speaking of weight loss! We’d love to have you join us at the ‘Hurry-up and Weight Gravity Challenge’ (it’s not really a weight lose program, as much as it’s a group of people sharing their progress (or lack thereof, at times!) in the weight thing… it’s kind of fun)

    • jsackmom says:

      That sounds wonderful Clark, I’m in my 6 th fitness challenge and will be doing a new exercise program soon. I’ve been streaming Beach Body workouts and loving every minute of it!!! And yes I’m so grateful for my family. Without them I would be lost. ?

  5. dyannedillon says:

    What a lovely list of thankfuls! I’m glad you’re finding it helpful to you to join in the TToT. It helps put life into perspective, doesn’t it?

  6. It is special, this sharing of the thankfuls. Some weeks it’s difficult to pinpoint those things/people/events but I find it’s the time taken to reflect that is key. Kind of makes me slow down and really “look around”.
    You’ve got a great bunch of gratefuls! #9 is very excellent. Go you! I used to be much better at keeping myself fit but somewhere in the last year, work (yup, gonna blame work lol) has somehow siphoned the energy I once had to do complete workouts. Enjoy your new strength, continue to get stronger and don’t stop. Take if from me, weak as a kitten, it’s heck getting it back again 😀
    Congratulations on getting published. Again!

    • jsackmom says:

      Yes thankful is a great way to be! I appreciate the act of slowing down and counting those blessings. Work, parenting trials, and late night hours can zap me in a week. Finding something to be thankful in amongst is a real gift. I keep my workouts short, intense, and motivating. And get them in as soon as I’m awake or there’s too many excuses to not do them. It makes me feel strong, fit, confident, and most of all happy! Getting my words out there and being published is such a wonderful thing thank you for your wishes I really appreciate that. ??

  7. I am definitely not the queen of sticking to fitness goals. I am well-intentioned, but often let life get in the way. 😀 Trying to get back in a regular pattern of mindful fitness behavior.
    Your list is so full of happiness and sunshine – literally and figuratively. May that continue for you! Glad to see you back. The TToT certainly is a wonderful thing.And hooray for your work at Blu Sky!

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Lisa, yes adhering to my fitness goals keeps me sane. I find the shorter and more intense the workout the better it is for me. Seeing the positive results and being pain free keep me mindful. I’m so excited to be at Blu Sky it’s a wonderful place just like the TTOT. ?

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