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Ten Things of Thankful

on 28 June 2015

It’s been a busy and fun week with the end of school and all the exciting things for my son’s to do. I’m thankful I can share them here with you today. 

1. I’m thankful for the friends I made in the parenting support group I attended. It was so wonderful to get to know and bond with them through our parenting experiences. ?

2. I’m thankful for the last day of school and sharing ice cream with my kids on a hot day. The look on their  happy faces was enough to put up with the boob sweat that accumulated with sitting in the sun. ?

3. I’m thankful for late night movie nights on Friday’s and cuddles with my  family in my big king sized bed. ?

4. I’m thankful for sleeping in on Saturdays when I’m up late on Friday’s. Even my kids slept in and weren’t my 8:00 am wake up call. ?

5. I’m thankful for a clean home, fresh smelling laundry, and frozen ice cream from my brand new fridge! ?

6. I’m thankful for beers, BBQ’s, and my boys giggling and having a water gun fight. ?

7. I’m thankful for strangers who’ve become friends, and friends who’ve become family. It makes the world a less lonely place when you find your tribe. ?

8. I’m thankful for my son’s amazing report card that he brought home this week. I’m so proud he’s gone from being bullied in the beginning year to being very well liked and respected at the end. ❤️

9. I’m thankful for love, laughter, hugs, and compassion. Like the Beatles said all we need is love. ??

10. I’m thankful for fresh baked pies, book club, and discussing a funny book. It feels so good to have something I love and cherish in my life again. ?

This has been my contribution to the Ten Things of Thankful (TTOT) linkup with Lizzi and her wonderful tribe. Please come check up the shiny happy people that inspire me each week. ❤️

20 Responses to “Ten Things of Thankful”

  1. I just love everything on your list this week! Glad you had so many wonderful things to be thankful for!

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m grateful too, as I’ve ran the gamut of not appreciating my blessings to being very thankful for them. ❤️

  2. Vanessa D. says:

    I’ve always appreciated that last day of school and water guns and water baloons are so much fun on the hot days.

  3. ivywalker says:

    I wanna move to your house… sounds like you guys know how to enjoy summer! Good food, fun times, water…

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Ivy, when the temperatures hits a high that’s the only way to enjoy the summer. Sipping a cold beer and folding laundry it’s the little things that count. ?

  4. dyannedillon says:

    Isn’t funny how we don’t always appreciate our appliances until they don’t work anymore? Enjoy that ice cream from that new fridge!
    My mom used to save empty dishwashing soap bottles and clean them out for us to use in the summer like squirt guns. They hold a LOT of water and can squirt really far!

  5. What a great list!
    I love Friday nights…the long possibility of the weekend stretched out before you…awesome. Saturday mornings to sleep in are nice, too, especially after a late Friday night. We’ve got a queen bed…sometimes I wish we had opted for a king because when our Daughter comes in for movies and snuggles it does get a bit full, especially with three cats, too. Next time we’ll go for the king. 😀
    Have a great week!

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Lisa, I opted for the king size before I had kids. Going away on my honeymoon and sleeping in one convinced to go big or go home. Family movie cuddles in a bed are so much fun when everyone fits. ?

  6. lrconsiderer says:

    *giggles slightly* This may be the first time boob sweat has made a TToT list, even as an aside 😉

    But YAY for your glorious weather and so many fun things for you and your boys to do 🙂

  7. herheadache says:

    Love this list.

  8. May says:

    Isn’t the last day of school magical. It is all looking back and being amazed at how much they grew in the school year AND looking forward especially to the next slow moving, delightful weeks!

  9. Great list! I love thankful lists and this did not disappoint! But did leave me craving ice cream 🙂

  10. ibeaheard says:

    I just love your Blog…It is very inspiring!!! Thanks for Sharing…You have been Heard!

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