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Writer’s Quote Wednesday’s 

on 13 March 2015

Amazing Grace came into the world so precious and sweet. 

Loved already with great devotion and adoration. 

With these beautiful curls and teeny, tiny, little, feet. 

I witnessed a Mother’s love, a Father’s pride as they held her skin to skin. 

And family was to be wrapped up in joy with this little gift. 

Not knowing how long she’d be earth side, each day is a win. 

I look at these beautiful images, and they give my heart a lift.  

I play them over and over again feeling the tenderness in my heart and mind.

Amazing Grace you’re the greatest blessing the world could ever find. ?

I wrote this for my beautiful cousin who gave birth to her amazing Grace just this week. She was born with a genetic condition called mosaic triploidy. It’s not certain how long this little blessing will have on the earth. One thing I know it will be filled with so much love, that her little heart can hold. This is my submission to for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Please check out all the talent who link up. Thank you. ?

*Image used with permission from my cousin and Love By Krista Evans Photography. Special thanks to them both for allowing me to share this journey.*

You can check out her amazing body of work at

13 Responses to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday’s ”

  1. pattyalcala says:

    What a heart wrenching story. Bless you. Stay strong.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    Very poignant for me this week as I just became a step-grandfather for the 10th and 11th time. There were some early worries when my granddaughter was born but both are now doing fine. Thank you for sharing this Jeanine.

    • jsackmom says:

      Oh Mike I’m so glad that you’re step daughter and her baby girl are doing well. You’re very welcome, I’m so happy I could share Amazing Grace with you. ?

  3. What a lovely tribute to your “Amazing Grace.” I am touched by the beauty of your words and the child. <3

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much Colleen. I’m very proud of what I wrote and also feel very grateful that I was able to express my love and appreciation for my amazing family. ?

  4. Jeanine, this is really beautiful. You have such a good heart. I don’t know anything about Grace’s condition, but I will pray that she gets to spend a long time on this earth with the people who love her. xoxo

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much for reading Melissa! I explain more about Grace’s condition in my follow up blog that I just posted. Thank you so much for your prayers, they’re really appreciated. ??

  5. Amazing Grace indeed ❤

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