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Friday’s Feats and Fails

on 17 January 2015

This week has flown by for me it seems Monday is the longest day of the week, and then I blink and it’s Friday. I’m so happy when it’s family movie night as we stay up laughing and enjoying each other’s company. So it was an eventful week so let’s get to it.


The biggest event to happen was my Mad dog started potty training!!! Throughout the month of December I’ve been asking him if he wants to wear underwear or a diaper. Well he’s always chosen a diaper and would occasionally go potty. I let the idea be his as with his SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) it’s not something I can rush. So Tuesday morning I didn’t ask him and he told me he wanted to wear underwear! I’m so proud of my big boy he’s growing up so fast. ?❤️


Well it’s been a little testy with my kids playing musical beds lately so we all need some sleep. Tempers have been flaring and my Mad dog has learned some words that I didn’t want to hear him say. Nothing like hearing your kid say the word that rhymes with truck in perfect context. ? Major parenting fail on my part and I own it. So I’ve been trying to correct that behavior while the Captain giggles in the background.


*Image used with permission from the sensational Shari at*


I’ve been writing lots the ideas have just been flowing to me. Taking the blogging 101 classes has been wonderful and I’m finding a lot of great feedback on what I’ve been sharing. I wrote a blog about my surviving Post Partum Depression. It was very hard to write but I had always wanted to tell my story. So I wrote it and saved it as a draft since I was unsure about sharing it. Well I woke up this morning and felt brave and hit the publish button. The response I got back was amazing. I’m so glad I faced my fears and put myself out there to help someone who needed to read that part of my journey. ?


I’ve done zero housework it’s been tough getting anything finished with being on potty alert. So I’ve focused on that and kept up with the laundry and dishes. My kids haven’t been sleeping well so that means I haven’t either. Just as I fall asleep one of them wakes up so we’ve all been short tempered. So now I have to focus on us catching up on those missing zzzz’s and fill up our patience buckets. ❤️




After completing almost all my blogging assignments this week I had some extra time to work on my book draft. I invited my lovely talented friends Loorducation and Imperfect Mom to guest blog for me. I loved having them here to interact with my dear readers and I was also on theirs. I love showcasing different content and reading these incredible ladies stories inspired me. I’ve read so many blogs lately that my books are getting jealous. ? I found out this morning that another one of my submissions to the was accepted. I’m feeling so grateful and weepy as it’s on their featured page. I can feel my dear beloved Mama smiling down on me.???

So now it’s the end of the work week so time for another action packed hockey weekend for my family and I. I love seeing my Captain out there playing hard, having fun, and making me proud. ???

This has been my submission to Ash at Check out how her week has been and all the other talent that link up. Smooches and hugs. ?


10 Responses to “Friday’s Feats and Fails”

  1. Wow… I bet you are happy to your friend Friday and that she brings the wine 🙂

  2. 80smetalman says:

    It seems you had a good week overall once again Jeanine, well done. I found your piece about post partum depression very moving. I’ll never experience it so I can’t really say anything on it but when my first child was born, my wife’s was bad enough that I had to take a week off work sick.

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Mike, it was a journey I’ve taken twice and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was really happy that my journey evolved into a friendship for life. My friend was very happy that I dedicated it to her. I think it was so wonderful you were able to support your wife. ?

  3. dorne whale says:

    I think you deserve that wine. ?

  4. totsymae1011 says:

    Fridays are a God-send. And since Monday’s a holiday, I’m swimming in elation.

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