Friday’s Feats and Fails

Well folks it’s that time again for another fabulous edition of Friday’s feats and fails! I get so excited every Friday for this week in review. Well tonight is the same thing every Friday laundry, wine, and Netflix so sit back grab a glass of cheer and read on!



I’ve had an interesting week, the back to school things always hard on me and my kids. My kids enjoyed late night movies, popcorn, and not being on a schedule . Now we’re back to struggling with the routine of getting to bed early up and motivated to start the day, when we’d rather be spending days in our pj’s. I’m already looking forward to the next pro-d-day when we can sleep in and be lazy. ? That being said I’ve got my son to and from school on time. Dealing with my other sensory son to get out the door when everything hurts socks, boots, pants that’s a feat in itself.



I’ve been sleeping horribly since my kids have decided to play musical beds. My husband snores, I do too but that means I’m actually sleeping. Well my little Mad dog goes to sleep in his bed, wakes up and crawls into the Captain’s bed. Well the Restless legs syndrome takes over and my Captain is on the floor. So he crawls into my bed and I wake up by stretching and kicking him in the face! Then I’m sandwiched between him and his Dad listening to a mind numbing snore fest. This Mama needs her sleep without the 4-5 hours I get I’m a bitch on wheels. ?



I started out the weekend on a great note by sending my family to hockey, and I cleaned the house. It’s so great to see everything shining and clean, and I stayed on top of the laundry. As of right now I have two loads to put away, one to fold and one in the dryer! I took a great tip from my friendly follower Ricco and I separate my kids laundry from mine and the hubs and fold it neatly and help them put it away. Nothing’s backwards, shoved in, tidy and put away!!!! For those that have read my struggles before with my evil nemesis should know this rocks my world. ?


I still haven’t put my Christmas decorations away, and the tree gets taken down tomorrow. I keep it up till Jan.6 th to honour my Ukrainian heritage as it’s the beginning of Christmas there. I made perogies, cabbage rolls, and veggies and my husband brought home Minion cupcakes. They’re the gosh darn cutest things I’ve ever seen. The fail here was it remained junky with the Rubbermaid containers in the dining room, and I couldn’t stop eating cupcakes. ?



I’ve had the honour of being featured on the website and I’m so excited!!! I knew my submission was accepted 3 weeks ago but I was waiting for the website to launch. And launch it did, with fabulous writers at the helm and talented bloggers on the site, and I’m one of them!!! After I cried, screamed and danced around my house I shared it on social media and texted a few friends. I’m so proud to be Bunker punk and of the wonderful team that makes the magic happen.



I had a Dr’s appointment for a physical so like usual I was rushing to get there. I ran out the door and proceeded to slide across the yard and slam into my gate! My husband had watered the skating rink and the water poured out and froze instantly. After I got up and rubbed my poor frozen arse I hurried down the stairs and went sprawling out into the road!!! So by the time I get up and slide on the ice to my truck I’m hurting. I arrive 5 minutes late for my physical, no worries I’m in the exam room right away. Now I haven’t told you the best part my Dr is HOT. ? So I’m sitting there in pain with a pulled hip muscles looking like the hot mess I am. That’s another blog in itself I’ll have to write. ?



I woke with sore hips and bruises but I found out a story I wrote this week and submitted got accepted to an International magazine!!! It will featured in February and I’m so overjoyed!!!! ?❤️ I have an amazing blogger friend Kelli who encouraged me to submit my story based on a dream I had. So my husband and I went out to celebrate at a lovely Irish pub where I drank beer, ate appies, and toasted to my success. Our kids had a blast with the respite worker who came to look after them. Such a wonderful evening and Ive been on a high all week because of it.


So here it is Friday and Im reflecting back and thinking life is sweet and it’s
just going to get better and better. Thanks for riding along on my journey. Sometimes it’s a bumpy ride but it’s never a boring one. ? This is my submission to Ash’s Fridays Feats and Fails of please pop in and see her week and review and all the other talent that link up. And I’ll share a little secret Ash is almost at 3000 likes on her Facebook page. So hop on over there and humor on that like button. Tell her Jsack Mom sent you and that she’s awesome. ❤️


Jeanine Lebsack

Writer, research assistant, podcaster, reiki healer, and a passionate advocate for neurodiversity. On my writing journey I’ve discovered a plethora of passions including writing, researching, entertaining through song and dance, with a desire to explore and create something transformational and healing. I believe in the sacred art of storytelling and that there’s power in the written and spoken word. Join me on my journey using the magic of words, music, and heart song. I believe we create ripples of energy that flow throughout the universe and by sharing our stories it creates change, positivity, and healing. Have a listen to my podcast on Spotify and Anchor at House of a Writer.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Feats and Fails

  • 11 January 2015 at 1:49 am

    Blame the cupcakes for distracting you from housework that’s what I would do ?

    Hope you get some rest!

    • 11 January 2015 at 2:22 am

      I totally blamed those pesky minions they were far too cute to pass up. ? I’m planning an early bedtime tonight. I plan to be snoring before everyone. ?


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