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Friday’s Feats and Fails

on 3 January 2015

Well it’s that time of week again and what a way to welcome in the new year with the Feats and Fails bonanza. I’ve missed them and I’m so happy to incorporate them again. So onto the champion moments and challenges conquered.

Last Friday was Dec. 26 th or in my world, Boxing Day. My family and I traveled to my husband’s aunt and uncles for feast and family visit. It was wonderful to be there as we hadn’t attended since 1996!!! It was especially meaningful as the family suffered a tragedy. And nothing brings healing than to have family together for love and solidarity. It felt amazing to feel the energy in the room, the love was palpable you could almost taste it. ❤️


I felt stabby towards a family member as my son was getting yelled at and reprimanded by them. I held my tongue and retreated to the truck to gather a gift for my sweet boy to open. It kept him occupied yet I was questioned on my decision. It’s called the holidays sensory children get overwhelmed, it’s best to calm and regulate them quickly. And distraction is the key to doing just that!!! *Note* I didn’t stab anyone with a fork although I felt like it. ?


I was determined to relax after the mad dash traveling and having my kids out of their comfort zones. We enjoyed our Christmas immensely, there was love, laughter, magic, and snow. But now was the time to relax and let my kids play with all their gifts, as loudly as they wanted. I dived into the new Marco Polo Netflix series, enjoyed some Xbox, reading, and napping.


I folded laundry but didn’t put one stitch of clothing away! Yeah that’s me back to being my laundry’s bitch again. Sometimes I think it would be easier to burn it all then bitch and moan about it. ?


We all got dressed and made it to our friends son’s birthday. It was fun to see the kids playing and the adult conversation was just what I needed to get out of my Christmas blue funk. The Olaf cupcakes were so cute and yummy too. ?


I have yet to mail my Christmas cards, I know pathetic right? They are officially Happy January cards. I was going to send them out with my annual Christmas letter, but then the kids and I got sick for 3 weeks and that screwed up everything. I also paid to have our mail redirected from our move, thinking it was 6 months when it was only 4. So everyone who did send a card to my old address had it returned. Oh well I’ll be more on the ball next year. ?


Everyone was healthy for Christmas and New Years and I enjoyed some lovely mulled wine that I made. I made some appies, salad, dessert and enjoyed family movie time. My husband had to work the next day so he was in bed by 10 pm. My Mad dog was wired all day with chocolates, cookies, and there was some healthy pasta somewhere in his diet. He finally crashed at 11 pm and the Captain and rang in the new year with Pitbull and his dance party crew. ??


I’ve spent three days in my pj’s and managed to get a hip injury. Mad dog was getting licked by our friends dog. A very sweet dog full of doggy kisses, so my son pulled back and we both fell on the floor. It hurt like a bitch, but I got us home and have laid on the couch with an ice pack ever since. ?


So this brings us to today where this week I had the honour to be nominated for the Inspiring blogger award and I guest blogged for the lovely I feel so honoured she wanted me to be there on her incredible, creative blog. She dedicates her life to early childhood education, learning, and helping children. I wish she could be my son’s Kindergarten teacher, she cares, loves her career path and lives her passion. I’m so happy that our paths have crossed I feel so blessed to have her friendship in my life.

My own blog reached 1000 likes and I want to thank the amazing Ash from for having me as part of her weekly linkups. A lot of my traffic came from her website. Thank you to all who have found me, stayed and have followed my journey. I appreciate your kindness, comments, and compliments. Smooches. ?

This is my submission to Fridays Feats and Fails. Check out what Ash has to say and all the other talent that link up. Thank you. ?


8 Responses to “Friday’s Feats and Fails”

  1. Hot Ash says:

    What exactly is Boxing Day?

    Sounds like you’ve had lots of ups and downs. I have hip problems, so I’m sorry that was troubling you. But I’m glad things were healthy for Christmas!

    Congrats on 1,000! I believe in you!

    • jsackmom says:

      Boxing day is a day when employers delivered goods to their employess after Christmas. In my family it’s left over day of turkey buns, hockey, and laziness. ? Yes hip problems suck, i only I would pull the muscle and gave it affect my abs!!! Bahaha even when I laugh it hurts. Thank you for the wishes, I’m so grateful you believe in me. ??

  2. ricodilello says:

    Here is a laundry tip from my better half. She folds and separates the laundry into plies for each family member. Then she deposits them on the their bed and lets them put their own laundry away. My two kids are long gone but I still find my laundry nicely folded on my side of the bed.

    • jsackmom says:

      Oh yes that’s what I need to start doing Rico!!! My problem is how they get put away after. My family has found my kryptonite, clothes shoved into drawers without a care. T-shirts put in backwards, then trapped in the drawer that I can’t open it. ? How was your first Christmas with your Granddaughter? A blessing to have your family growing. ?

      • ricodilello says:

        Superman was and still is my favorite super hero. I know exactly how you feel about a messy room. My better half is way smarter than me. She just closed the doors of our kids rooms. Told me not to get angry. Let them be kids, they will grow out of it. The first time I visited my son in college, his room was spotless. : ) Our new granddaughter was the best Christmas present ever!
        Thanks for asking.

        • jsackmom says:

          You’re wife is kind as she is wise. I have to develop more of that philosophy. I love Superman, strong as steel, soft heart, and created by a Canadian artist. Plus I know a few things about hiding behind a pair of glasses. ?

  3. 80smetalman says:

    Oh, the laundry. I’m convinced that our laundry breeds as there seems to be a pile all of the time. In spite of that you got through it all, bad hip and all. So, well done all around Jeanine!

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