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My heart is on my sleeve

on 3 December 2014

Lately in my writing I have been sharing a lot about my personal struggles. I didn’t know starting my blog a year ago that it would turn into my online diary! I’m glad it has though because honestly, it’s the best therapy I’ve ever received. I’ve found a kinship here with my lovely readers that has filled my love bucket to the brim. You have got me through some difficult times, even more than my own family and friends have. With your supportive comments, advise, and genuine love and care for my well being. I know this to be true, because I can feel it. I’ve let the spirit guide me in a lot of decisions in my life. After suffering so much grief in the last 6 years I couldn’t trust myself, only my instincts. And trusting my empathic nature has opened up a lot of wonderful doors for me. I recently shared with a new friend my son’s struggles with his sensory condition, and other symptoms of ASD traits I’m seeing emerging now as he gets older. She will be helping me with learning about essential oils that will help to keep him calm and regulated. After all his blood work we will also see a naturopath. Another friend has shared her educational background and had offered to help me get him ready for preschool in the new year. I’m so grateful as it’s been a struggle for us with potty training, feeling confident to be in large groups, and the fear of me not being with him. With her assistance I’m confident that he can have that neurotypical experience that other children can have. I knew as soon as my youngest son was born he was my sensitive child. He didn’t open up his eyes for 5 days, was rolling completely over at 4 days old, and reacting violently to all the tests administered in the NICU. I literally though he was going to punch a nurse as I watched his little fists ball up in anger!!! I watched him struggle with sensory issues and suffer with jaundice and losing weight, since his early arrival in the world. I have always been fascinated with his strength as he’s been my little champion since day one. My Doctors told me he would be delayed with speech, motor skills, and developmentally behind. I watched him go through the phases and reach his goals a little later than what the books said, but I didn’t care. Like every other obstacle in his young life he faces it head on with stubbornness, tenacity, and strength. So a new diagnosis, a new therapy, new helpers won’t phase him. He’s always had a goal since birth, and that has been to experience and soak up as much life as possible. His strong capacity to love and understand the hearts and minds of everyone he meets, leaves me in awe. I love seeing the world through his eyes, as it teaches me that life doesn’t have to filled with fear and worry but more joy and wonder. I’ve been blessed with both my sons and a platform to share that with you. And my little blog has gotten some attention from being a guest blog post on and recently from
I have been so grateful for the recognition and literary love. I’ve cried a lot of happy tears instead of sad ones, and to me that’s been a gift. I want to thank you for coming to my little part of the world. To read my stories, share comments, and conversations. Your words touch my heart, fill me me strength, and fill me with purpose. Namaste my lovelies thank you for understanding my heart that I wear on my sleeve. ❤️

10 Responses to “My heart is on my sleeve”

  1. Bret-Founder says:

    We all need an outlet. Its healthy.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    I agree with Bret, they should make a film about what you’ve been through.

  3. Classi Wino says:

    You my dear are a beautiful soul inside and out… you’ve been blessed with a great husband, wonderful children and loving friends! ❤️

    ~ Much love too you my amazing friend ~

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