Friday’s Feats and Fails-A week in my world

I’m feeling super duper happy today it’s a fabulous Friday. It may be -22 and my legs and my face hurt from being cold. I’m unthawed now and have a laundry basket folded so I’m celebrating. I’m going to have some special me time tonight with Fleetwood Mac, a friend, and my sister!!!! I’m so excited I saw them last May as a birthday gift from my sweet sister, but tonight will be even more exciting since Christine Mcvie is back in the band. I will see the sweet Songbird herself with Stevie magical Nicks and the fabulous talent of Lindsay Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and John Mcvie. I’m so excited, happy, and feeling blessed on this fabulous Friday!!! ?❤️??

Last weekend was entertaining since my Captain had a hockey game and my sister and my niece were in town. They got to see his team win their game 8-5 and my sis won the 50/50 draw, as a bonus on the cake of the day. Definitely worth the gas $ to drive out for a visit. We had a great day watching movies, cuddles, laughter, and late night discussions of Russel Brand’s book Revolution.


I seemed to be behind the proverbial eight ball this weekend, and rushing to get the kids ready for hockey. I always start with getting the Mad dog ready, then the Captain with his hockey gear, then myself. Well usually it works but there are some days I spend more time chasing Mad dog then dressing him. It creates a shit ton of anxiety in the Captain and always lead to a meltdown. So I have to be on top of this train before it runs off the track.


I’ve been managing to keep Mad dog and myself on a low gluten eating plan. We’re not completely gluten free but it’s a work in progress. I’ve been noticing my back isn’t so achy in the morning even before yoga. I notice Mad dog’s mood swings aren’t so frequent and sensory meltdowns aren’t as long lasting but he still has sleep issues. Despite being on his nightly medication to help with his reflux and allergies. He’s more exhausted and snoring again, so I don’t see a difference in relation to him being on a low gluten diet. Well back to the researching drawing board on that one. Pending blood work I’ll have a better idea of how to treat his Obstructive sleep apnea.


Sometimes I feel so much guilt over the issues my poor little boy has. The ailments and acronyms, of his SPD (sensory disorder) seem to be plentiful. There’s times I want to scream at the Dr’s and say he’s just a little boy, and yell stop telling me what’s wrong with him and help him for God’s sake. You wouldn’t know he’s struggling because his drive, and ambition, to love life remains unchanged.


We’ve managed to make it through the sleep deprivation of the long weekend and enjoy spending time together. The Captain got to go shopping with his Aunty and cousin with his birthday money. 2 weeks ago we had his bowling birthday and what a glorious day that was!!! Complete with bowling, dancing, presents, and a Minecraft cake. My niece also bought a Halloween ginger bread house that her and the kids decorated and they made peanut butter cookies. So much fun had by all, and my heart grew three sizes that day.


Amidst all the fun, I stayed up way too late and felt groggy and a little wine soaked the next day. And as the result I didn’t do a stitch of housework. Which is my doing, so I’ll have a table for one with my pity party. My sis and niece were able to stay an extra day due to the blizzard ripping through the province. Which was awesome since we love having them come for visits. All the late nights led to a flu bug sweeping the house and knocked down all of us for the following week. Zero fun was had and the Captain didn’t make it to hockey practice this week, since no one was well enough to take him. So he enjoyed being off school for a day and home with Minecraft and movies.


Since I had the meeting with the school admins and parent/teacher interview the Captain has felt better about school. Well he’s comfortable in his classroom where it’s structured. Unstructured play at recess and lunch time gives him anxiety. So he’s not initiating play with even his friends. I’ve told him he doesn’t need to hide out because he’s entitled to play, and have fun like the other kids. It’s a work in progress, and I’m using deep pressure techniques and essential oils to relax him and help with his nightmares. Last night was a particularly tough night for him as he saw me on a ship that sunk and I didn’t survive. I held my poor Captain as the tears streamed down both of our cheeks. I promised him I wasn’t going on a ship and my love will always protect him. Although my heart was breaking for him in the moment, I felt so emotionally connected to my son as his little brother hugged us both and wiped our tears. In that moment no one could touch or break through the strength of our impenetrable bond.

And we are back at Fabulous Friday where I’ve managed to enjoy 51 days of blogging, celebrate my one year blogging anniversary, and create a Facebook page with the help of some lovely bloggers and page admins that supported me on the way. A special big thank you to and
for all their wonderful support and kick in the ass that I needed. You can check me out here if you wish. ?

It’s been a whirlwind of a fun few days and I’m looking forward to sharing with you next time. Thank you so much for being here my dear readers. I’m literally just rambling words without you here to read and appreciate them. Hugs and high fives to you lovelies for making this life a beautiful one. ?❤️

This has been my submission to Awesome Ash’s Fridays Feats and Fails Please check out her week and all the fabulous talent that link up. ?




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