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Friday’s Feats and Fails

on 24 October 2014

Can someone please tell me where my week went? I’m in disbelief it’s Friday again, wasn’t it just Sunday yesterday? Well after that rambling I guess you can tell I’m sleep deprived. Yes it’s been one of those weeks, so I’ll lay all my dirty laundry out here for you to laugh, cry, or sing along with my mellow drama melody. ?


I made it through the weekend got myself and my Mad dog to his sleep specialist and learned so much in 30 minutes than I did all year!!! The journey I’ve taken with my son to help him get healthy, happy, and regulated has been a long one. To know that I’m so close to answers gives me hope down a long dark tunnel. I also got some work done on Sunday plus laundry folded so that’s a win/win weekend. ?


Due to my sons diagnosis of sleep apnea the specialist believe it’s linked to food allergies. So he needs blood work, an appointment with an allergist and to start medication and a gluten free diet. He’s been sick so I haven’t taken him for his blood work. Medication was purchased and given but he hasn’t been completely gluten free. I’m supposed to be starting this paleo lifestyle as well but I need to go for a major grocery shop. Mad dog was crying he was hungry after feeding him from 7 am to 12 pm the other day. I was looking for gluten free options in the pantry, and my hubby got sick of the whining and crying and made him a peanut butter sandwich. WTF!!!! ?


Since I’ve had to read all this medical information I’ve dived into anything I can find on inflammatory causes and cures, gluten free and paleo lifestyles, as well as iron deficiencies. I love to read and write so I’ve been a very busy bee lately recording everything for Mad dog’s health binder I’m creating. My friend calls me a master researcher and I take that as a great compliment. I got overwhelmed for a few days then I got some great advice and now I’m taking it one day at a time, one website at a time.


Due to being in research mode I’ve been burning the midnight oil. With a son with a sleep disorder I can’t afford to do that. So I’ve had cranky kids, “me as “Mombie” Mom, and rushing to school moments have made this a long ass week. I’ve stayed up late with my Mad dog due to his day napping, and after he’s fallen asleep my Captain and I have been late night chatting. I love spending time with my kids, but my hubby’s starting to wonder where the hell his wife went. ?


I’ve learned a lot in my research and I’m looking for ways to help my son more naturally. I’m really not comfortable with giving him steroids for breathing, acid blockers for reflux, and iron supplements. He’s just a little boy so I’m looking for healthier alternatives that are just as affective. Even with being in research mode I’ve managed to keep my home somewhat cleanish, laundry under control, and my kids fed, washed, cuddled, and loved.


I haven’t slept much this week or ate well, at all. Between being a diet cop in my household, rushing to theatre practices myself, and taking my Captain to hockey I’m stretched way too thin!!! I haven’t exercised much other than walking to school every day and up and down my stairs to my laundry room. Besides I’m afraid if I hopped on my tread mill I’d pass out of exhaustion or sleep deprivation. Which would be very bad for me indeed. ?


I had a dear friend call me this week to ask me how I was doing. I haven’t had someone I loved do that in a very long time so I felt so happy!!! I have a sisterly relationship with her and I actually told her the truth, the whole truth and nothing but my truth. When you’re sisters of the heart and mind you can do that, without judgement, preconceived notions, or bitchiness. I also contacted a mutual lovely friend of ours and she gave me a shit ton of awesome info as her and her family had changed their diet and lifestyle. I felt so loved this week, even though it brought back my feelings of missing their in person presence in my life. I will take the good with the bad and just keep on rocking on. ?


I found out this week how anxious and unhappy my Captain is after an epic meltdown before hockey practice. He was crabby after school, so I gave him some quiet time. Then he tells he got picked on and pushed at school again!!! If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know this has been the sixth time with 5 different kids. Well I blew my #€¥¥^*@ top, exploding in all different directions of my home. Then this just led to my Captain melting down, didn’t want to go to school, hockey, and was going to run away. I wasn’t able to handle this without reinforcements so I called in Dad to the rescue.


I knew I couldn’t help my Captain as much as I wanted to without adding to his anxiety so I took a step back. My hubby is able to reach him in a place in his heart and mind and for that I’m grateful. And I will admit a touch of jealously, but that’s ok I’m human after all. By the end of the week my kids have felt loved, appreciated, and understood so that’s a parenting win. ❤️


I was on social media this week and found out there was a shooting in my country in my nations capital. I watched as the details unfolded online and my heart was hurting for all of Canada. A senseless act of violence and a brave soldier left dead while guarding a national war monument. This atrocity carried on to my Government’s Parliament buildings where it is finally stopped by a courageous police officer. This rocked my soul right to it’s core and I cried my heart out. Being empathic I have to put up barriers to this psychic emotion but this was just too immensely sad and I couldn’t. I cried cleansing tears for the soldier and his family, the police officer and his, and my country, my heart, and my home. ?❤️


I found out this morning that my Captain hadn’t been getting the “brain breaks” in the sensory room at school like was discussed 2 weeks ago!!! It broke my heart to hear him say “they don’t care Mom. They don’t want to help me, I hate school and I wish I didn’t have to go!” I kept my temper in check and talked to him about the word hate. It’s not a word I allow in my house, I believe it’s a harsh word and words last forever in a universal way. I hugged him, told him I will fight for him to enjoy school again, and reminded him how much fun he had at his friends birthday party last weekend. I’m taking this as a feat as its Friday and I got him to school with a smile on his sweet face. I’m very mindful of the energy that comes into my home and I’m being more vigilant about what’s created here within our sacred four walls and a roof. ?
This has been my submission to Friday’s Feats and Fails. Check out how Ash’s week has went and all the other awesome bloggers who link up. Big hugs and loads of love and “I get its” sent to you. ?


6 Responses to “Friday’s Feats and Fails”

  1. Very important to be responsible for the energy we bring/create.

    I know it’s hard to take a breather when there’s so much to learn and so much going on but an exhausted and drained momma does no one any good.

    You can feel the love for your family in this with all the research you’re doing and not allowing “hate” in your home. Kudos to working hard and loving harder.

    P.S. Pinterest has tons of paleo and gf recipes!

    ❤ to you and your family!

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you Jenn, and yes youre so right. Exhausted drained Momma leads to anxious bitchy Momma. I’m giving the research a break this weekend to have family time. I will definiteky check out Pintrest for ideas and recipes. ??

  2. Hot Ash says:

    What a blend of stuff!

    Easy gf recipes…. pot roast in the crock pot, beans (like for bean burritos, only use a lettuce wrap or gf wrap or just eat with cheese… check out the link to the recipe on my blog under cheap eating), and homemade potato soup (also on my blog under recipes).

    Hope things get better. You work so hard! I’m in awe!

  3. natella111 says:

    It was very interesting to read! 🙂 Hope you get enough sleep and rest and feel better next week! Also wishing health to your son!

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you very much. Yes the journey through my sleep deprivation is a long one. But its one I’ll continue to fight with every ounce of my being. Thank you for wishes for good health for my son. Its very much appreciated. ?

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