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Mama bear and my cub

on 9 October 2014

I just don’t know what to do anymore. My heart’s breaking I can’t send my son to school without someone picking on him. ? I want to scream, rage, and hurt anyone who hurts my child. What is it with this world today is there any sympathy, kindness, and caring anymore? Is this the generation that will take the world by storm with their ideas, intelligence, and activism? My son was literally attacked on the playground today. It was something so ridiculous as a dropped Pokemon card on the ground, he picked it up and looked around for the owner, and this kid came up to him and just lost it!!! Now my son he did the right thing used his WITS (walk away, ignore, seek help, talk to someone) and the bully got in trouble. But is this where it ends? I have to hold back the tears when I hug my son, when he tells me “Mom I’m so sick of being bullied.” So I’ve been proactive contacted the school, talked to the administration and have had to hurry up and wait for results. I’m not patient anymore I’m really, really angry and frustrated. My son didn’t even want me to say anything because he said he took care of it. Now he thinks he’s being targeted, because he has gone to the people that are supposed to protect him at school. I don’t know what to think because this is the 4 th and different kid. Where’s the accountability, the respect for the child being victimized, where’s the empathy? I’m told there’s going to be a program in the school dealing with empathy, caring, kindness. It’s supposed to be targeted towards my sons age group. But no start date, no information, just more placating to me, the parent. I can’t even pull my boy out of school and find him somewhere else to go. The city I live in has attendance areas and I have to live in a certain area to qualify to attend another school. My son won’t fight back he’s afraid of getting into trouble. But yet there these kids at his school that are just coming up and hitting him. Physically laying there hands on my child!!! My son who I’ve watched grow, learn, discover, and play in the world. My darling boy who loves to entertain with a song, dance, telling a joke. He’s always been well liked and didn’t have this magnitude of problems at his previous school. Except one incident and that was taken care of immediately. One bully, one principal told, and one vice principal took care of it. That one incident changed my son, he became anxious, easily angered, and so insecure. I worked so hard to help him and bring back that happy boy who easily smiles, loves spending time with his family, and who has a wicked slap shot. He was starting to come back to his old self and then he started school and it’s starting to unravel…. I feel so helpless and pissed off at the same time. I’m crying in one moment and screaming and venting into the next. This is a side of me that feels so twisted up and ugly. A side I’d never show to my son’s, a side that scares even me as I rage inside. I want this pain to stop, I want this bullying behaviour to cease all activity. I want this kid to regret the day he ever laid eyes on my son. I want to scare the wrath of God into him, but I won’t and I can’t. The victim or the parent, can’t become the bully. Then there’s no credibility, and the bully ends up being protected because the victim finally fought back. I’m back to the school tomorrow for yet another meeting. This Mama bear is pissed and I will be getting results. Or this school is going to regret the day they ever met me

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  1. 80smetalman says:

    This is not acceptable. Your son did the right thing regarding the Pokemon card so that thug had no right to touch him. Again, we also see the victim of the bullying getting in trouble when he decided to stand up for himself. I really feel for you as a parent, maybe threatening the school board with a law suit might make them see sense.

  2. Amanda says:

    You are in a tough spot. but in this day and age bullying is getting far worse. and the only thing sadly i can think is parents need to step up an show kids that bully where behavior like that will get them. jail.if it was my kid id go put him in a cell for a few hours an be near by outa sight. words don’t work anymore. actions speak volumes. it used to be that if you acted like that you’d be be in for a spanking at home and rightfully so. Your kid didn’t deserve that. you have every right to stand up for his rites.

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you for your input Amanda. Not much seems to affect some kids today. I have been in shock and appalled at what I’ve overheard on the playground. And how kids are talking to their parents in today’s age. And yes in my school life there were consequences when you got home. I think the accountability should begin and end in the home. Today I have a meeting so I’ll see how I proceed from here. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. ?

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  4. olivialiving says:

    I’m sorry your son is going through that, but it’s great to finally see a parent that takes this kind of problems seriously. I honestly believe that the fact that you are there for him helps your son enormously.

    • jsackmom says:

      Thank you so much Olivia, I’m trying so hard to show my son his strength just for showing up when he wants to hide. I’ve walked in those shoes and it makes me want to fight and advocate even more for him. Thank you for reading and commenting I really appreciate it. ?

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