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Lovely Lucy

on 7 October 2014

I feel compelled to write, sing, and dance tonight. There is so much magnificent, magnetic energy in me that I feel so guided to share it. I’m tired, even sleep deprived, but I’m not even attempting to sleep because there’s a burning desire in me. I need to be read, heard, and understood. This deep urge to create something from nothing, anything into everything, and feel satisfaction will not be satiated. Last night I spent my night deep in grief, prayer, and song. My best friends Mom left the earth and I feel so shattered by her loss. And it feels like losing my Mom all over again…. I know with deep grief, there is deep love, so I embrace the feeling and allow it transform me. I listen to the quiet, still voice inside and let it be a source of healing. Lucy was like a Mom to me, since childhood I shared her with her daughter. What an incredibly sweet, kind lady. And the most hard working single parent I’ve ever known. She had a drive, ambition, and desire, to love with all her being and look after everyone at the same time. I remember when she’d come home after a long day at work, and her darling daughter would run her a bath and I’d get a bowl of water with epsom salts to soak her feet in. Not once did she complain, in all the years I’ve known her. At that time she only said I’m tired. Then she’d sit with us and have tea and a chat before bedtime. Even after she retired, sold her house and found an apartment she still worked hard. Cooking, baking, crafting, filling the hearts of her family and friends with her loving and caring ways. I watched as her health began to decline and she soon took up residency in the seniors facility. Still when I’d see her she’d have the biggest smile and and a friendly ear. My beloved Mom and lovely Lucy lived in the same facility and spent time together. And after my Mom passed on Lucy hugged me so tight, she told me I was never alone. ❤️ And I believed her as her daughter is my soul sister, and has always been a solid foundation in my life. Her family was there to heal my broken heart and pull me out of my pit of despair, when I lost my parents. And now I will return that act of love and sing for lovely Lucy while she’s laid to rest. I will sing for all the years she dedicated her life to her family. I will sing loud and proud for the amazing woman that God gave to the earth. I will sing for her beautiful children, Grand children, and Great Grandchildren, whom she felt immense love and pride for. And I will sing with a softness and gentleness as heaven welcomes another angel. ❤️

2 Responses to “Lovely Lucy”

  1. What a beautiful gift you’ve given to those reading your post here about Lovely Lucy. You’ve passed on insight to who this lovely lady was, and for that the ripple effect will forever be in our hearts, and so this wonderful woman will always live on. Thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts about your loved ones. I know this probably was tough to write, but the rewards of sharing what is in your heart , saves your soul and light can re enter …hugs and happy blogging to ya ..

    • jsackmom says:

      Oh wow thank you for the beautiful compliment!!! Yes it was a very hard blog to write as my heart felt broken. When the spirit to create moves me, I must obey. It’s what has always helped me heal. Many blessings to you, thank you for following and reading my blog. ??

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