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Ode to my love

on 25 September 2014

Today I celebrate my wedding anniversary with my love. I want to shout to the heavens of my love, respect, and appreciation of him. 9 years ago today our journey started out with so many questions. Is she going to make it to the altar, is she going to show up, where is the bride?!!! Little did our guests know the wedding was being held up by a broken shoe! And it wasn’t even mine, it belonged to my future Mother in-law. ? Then finally the magical moment arrived I walked down the aisle to my future, my life, my love, my husband. I wrote a song for him as a wedding gift and our DJ played it that night after our wedding song. Swaying in my husbands arms, as I heard the song I wrote and recorded for him was priceless. He started singing a little to me, then that moment he realized it was me singing on the recording was pure magic. The love I saw in his eyes is something I’ll remember for all of time. Today I celebrate him and the wonderful life we’ve built together. He is my rock, my soft place to fall when the world’s too much. I thank him for his love, patience, and kindness. And after all these years I still get butterflies in my tummy, when he looks my way. And the immense pride I feel when I look at our children is my life’s blessing. Thank you my dear husband, for being my forever love.

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