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Bullies suck

on 9 September 2014

My heart hurts for my son today. He’s in a new school, in a new town, and he was bullied today. I too was bullied in school and it’s stayed with me always. I blog about it to cope, and over these years I just wish I could get over it. My son was bullied for the first time, in his previous school and I was irate!!! He’s gentle and kind and has always had everyone like him. Including teachers and support staff. Then this one boy changed his world. I got it dealt with immediately as it was right before the teachers went on strike in the province. Before he moved away, I took a goodbye book to school and had teachers and students sign it. His principal signed it and had said she was going to miss him a lot. Every day he saw her for 2.5 years, he said good morning and goodbye to her. Out of all her students he was polite, kind, and respectful and was going to be very missed. This memory of him will stay with her, and she wiped tears away as she hugged him goodbye. This is not a boy that needs to be bullied!!! No kid deserves to be ridiculed, hurt, made to feel worthless, and less than the amazing person they are! Before my son started at this new school, he was experiencing anxiety and fearful of the unknown. He was so afraid to go to summer camp in our new town because of being bullied once. I had to talk to the organizers and explain his fear and talk him into giving it a try. Luckily I was able to spend time at the playground with my youngest, while watching my son in camp. He did remarkably well, loved his time there, and was sad when it was over. I was so relieved and proud as I know how difficult it was for him to even try. I told him I love him, and I’m there for him always, and to let me know immediately if he’s ever bullied again. Last time, 3 weeks had passed before he let me know anything was amiss. ? After repeated attempts to find out what was wrong. I talked to his teacher and friends and found out the truth. And now it’s happening again, as hard as it was to hear it I thanked him for telling me. He also talked to his Dad, and I’ll be discussing the incident with his new teacher. I know some kids can be cruel, and I don’t believe in that old adage “boys will be boys” either. Rather I believe “do onto others, as you would have done onto you.” He’s being raised right, to show kindness, respect, and compassion. And he’s not a little a-hole, I’ve seen him at school interacting with his peers when he doesn’t know I’m there. I’m not trying to be a helicopter parent, just curious. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how helpful, kind, and courteous he is to his peers and teachers alike. He’s just a sweet boy who loves sports, math, and is a Titanic history buff. And why does one child have to ruin things for him? I want to protect my son away from life’s cruelties. I teach him everything’s possible, and he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. And now I have to teach him how to be stronger, more thick skinned, and that people can be mean, and to use his W.I.T.S. Meaning walk away, ignore, talk to someone, and seek help. This was taught to him in his previous schools, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing when a bully puts their hands on my child!!! My heart aches, I know this pain, confusion, frustration, all too well. I wish I could keep him in a bubble away from all the hurt and pain. But unfortunately life won’t do the same for him. 

12 Responses to “Bullies suck”

  1. Janice says:

    So sorry to hear that your son is being bullied. My heart goes out to him and you…

    • jsack1 says:

      Thank you so much Janice for your kindness. It always seems the sensitive, bright, glowing, light children get treated the worse. ? I’m keeping an eye on the situation so it doesn’t continue on. ❤️

  2. 80smetalman says:

    Excellent post! I wish my mother would have been more like you. Your boy sounds like a very good child and you are doing a great job to support him.

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