Fridays Feats and Fails

Well my last Friday started out on a long weekend road trip with my kids to a family reunion. For someone like me with anxiety and being directionally challenged, this is a huge deal! I packed up my truck and my kids and set out on my adventure.

I was armed with my handy dandy IPhone 5, complete with voice activated Siri. Talking her way through my travels. The plan was to meet up with my brothers at a half way point, on the 6 hour tour. Siri and I disagreed a few times about the direction I was to leave town. But like an understanding Aunty who just wants the best for you, she zeroed in on where I wanted to go and continued her advice from there. When I reached my half way destination, I couldn’t find the gas station where I wanted to stop. So I hit the first one and met up with my brothers, and we headed out to our final stop on our journey. All was going well, until I came across some wicked weather and poor driving conditions. I didn’t handle that well as I was following along behind my brothers, and I lost them. When I became stuck between one slow moving semi and a fast moving semi riding my ass to the next town.

I didn’t handle that part of the road trip well. As I was in the mountain pass and I didn’t have a cell signal, so no Siri. I was more than a little panicked and just took my time driving straight down the highway. There was paving in one part of the right lane and very chewed up road on the other side. My kids heard some choice language that day. Oops sorry sons for those F- bombs, as I was being passed and swerved into by crazy drivers. While it looked like I was standing still. ? I stopped in the next town, called my brothers and let them find me. A text chat with my loving sister, put me in the right frame of mind. So I got gassed up, and continued on my way. Following closely behind my relocated brothers. All was well when I arrived with my kids and my bros to our destination. Later my sister and my niece arrived to stay as well. We stayed at this lovely B&B on this gorgeous acreage. Looking at its beauty, rustic country charm, and beautiful scenery made me feel so welcome. More on that later, as I’m interviewing my gracious hosts for a future blog. ?

I had a wonderful time at my reunion, meeting cousins I never knew of. And reconnecting with ones I hadn’t seen in 11 years. Out of my Bubba’s (Grandma in Ukrainian) there are only 3 siblings left out of a family of 14. I had the joy and pleasure of spending time visiting with one of my Great Aunts. Who loved and hugged me like she had seen me yesterday. It was a beautiful moment watching and seeing how many relatives (“rellies”) showed up for the event. We were treated to amazing food, great company, kids playing, and enjoying a fun family baseball game. The best part for me, was the fabulous slide show of my cousins trip to the Ukraine. Before the rumblings of war reared it’s ugly head. I seen the land of my Great Grandfather’s birth, the scenic spectacular views of his homeland, and the beautiful reunion of family still residing there today! I chatted, played, reminisced, and shed a few tears as well. I knew how happy it would make my Dad, seeing all our family coming together in this special moment in time. He loved family, and as he travelled he would always find a phone book and look up his Dad’s or Mom’s surname, to see if there was anyone he was related to! It’s a practice he taught me that i still carry on today. Because you’ll never know just how much your family tree has grown, if you don’t dig to find the roots. I can picture him sitting up there on a cloud enjoying all the sights and sounds of this family love fest.

I ended up having to deal with my over tired, over stimulated, sensory son and he had a very public meltdown. It was right as tables were lining up, to partake in the scrumptious buffet of fabulous Ukrainian food. So I took him screaming, crying, and picked him up, as he squirmed like a bag of snakes in my arms and we left the building. I got him strapped into his car seat, and proceeded to call my hubby and cry about the debacle. I felt so sad, embarrassed, and ripped off, because everything had been going well. I know my sons cues when he’s had enough, and I thought I’ll just get him fed and we can leave. But alas, I waited too long and a sensory, overloaded, meltdown was the result. I was “hangry” myself, so I texted my brothers and one brought me a plate of food. Thank you my brother! My poor boy fell fast asleep after all that emotional upheaval, and I proceeded back to the B&B. The lovely owner looked after us, and helped me put my tired boy to bed, and made me a pot of tea. And I took that time to eat my delicious dinner, sip my tea, cuddle up in a cozy blanket, and forgive myself for being human. And thank my son for showing me the errors of my ways.

As the reunion came to a close I was able to say goodbye to my “rellies” give hugs and kisses, take advantage of a bunch of photo ops, and pack up my kids to go home. I reflected back on my memories, of precious moments of celebrating my Uncle’s 80 th birthday. While his family gathered around him, sharing love and pride. My kind brother drove us to the half way point in our destination. I felt gratitude for all his help over the weekend, the joy I felt when myself and my sons connected with their uncles, Aunty, and cousins. And the pride in myself for having the courage to take the road trip in the first place! And now we’re home, we survived all the peaks and valleys that come with leaving our comfort zones, and the back to school routine is upon us. I smile, I get a little teary eyed, and jump through the air with my arm held high, and say “I did it Dad, yay me, high five sent to heaven. ❤️

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    • 6 September 2014 at 6:30 pm

      Thank you Ash, it was a lot to deal with!!! I had to dig deep and know my Dad and his heavenly team were looking out for me and my family. ❤️


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