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Guilty Pleasures

on 2 September 2014

My guilty pleasures are things I like to indulge in and feel comforting to me. Of these many things I love to stay up late eating chocolate covered almonds, chips and dip, and drink copious amounts of tea. Sometimes I’ll be blogging, reading blogs, or watching Netflix. I think we all need to have vices in life and I love to binge read books or watch Netflix TV series. I have to admit the Orange is the New Black, the Walking Dead, and the Twilight saga had me seeing a lot of sunrises. My bookshelves are more like a library with selections like fiction, non fiction, supernatural, fantasy, self help, parenting, and mystery. I love to dive into a book and escape to a world that only exists in my dreams. As much as I love to read, I love to write. When pen and paper meet, an idea is formed, and magic happens. My Mom and I used to write together. I would start the topic and we’d both contribute. I remember a story we wrote in high school, and the topic was who would you have dinner with. Alive or dead, out of anyone in the world I chose Jim Morrison. My Mom thought that was an interesting choice but I believed he was a fascinating person. I seen past the addict and into his brilliant mind. Back then I had recently saw the Doors starring Val Kilmer, who in my opinion was channeling the real Jim! I became fascinated and searched for every article, tv appearance, and video clip I could find about him. Recently I was unpacking a box when I moved into my new house. I found all these papers of my writing and my Mom’s collaborations. There were songs, poems, and binders full of writing. Going through that box took me back in time. To a place where reading and writing nourished my soul, and music was my therapy. It’s amazing what the affects of my guilty pleasures have on my mind, body, and spirit. I still rock out to my guilty pleasure 80’s heavy metal hair bands of my era. And I appreciate the journey I’m taking back to that carefree, creative, happy, poetic, self I used to be. ❤️

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