My Sunday confession today is about sex. This was always a taboo subject in my house growing up. So I don’t talk about it very often unless A. I trust you even to babysit my kids, B. You’re my soul sister and there’s wine involved. C. I’m married to to you. ? My childhood story was that my Mom had 6 kids and was very Catholic so this wasn’t a family dinner discussion. Most of what I learned about sex was through my friends and of course what kids said on the playground. I knew one thing, was that my Mom wanted me to abstain and wait for marriage. Which wouldn’t result with a unwed pregnancy or STD’s. That was what she called the proverbial putting the cart before the horse. I know I wanted to make her proud so I chose to not take that route. And I also chose to make my other choices very private. She had always said she had hoped I would make the right decisions for myself and my body. She knew that she was raising me in a much different world then she was raised in. Growing up as an only child of my Grandparents, she was loved and doted on and had a very sheltered life. When my Grandpa went off to war when she was only 9 he came back 5 years later and saw she had become a teenager wearing makeup. Which took a lot for my Grandpa to wrap his head around his little girl growing up. When my Mom did start dating after high school she was what they call courted. My Grandparents had not only met her escorts but had them over for dinner as well. And during the courting ritual she went out with other couples. There was no chance of any promiscuous behavior with a car load of people! So her experience with dating and mine were so much different. She took the time to get to know my friends and only then when she was comfortable, I was allowed to date. I had only brought 2 guys home that I thought were worthy enough of my Mom and Grandparents scrutiny. As I had lived with them all during my high school years. I had heard stories of my Mom’s earlier adventures when she met my Dad, when he was driving the car on one of her many dates! Those stories, pictures, and memories written all over my Mom’s sweet face always made me smile. So when she grew to realize he was the one then the courting ritual commenced. And that love story continued on for 24 years later resulting in 6 children, multiple Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren. My story of meeting my hubby was similar as my parents. We group dated for awhile then we got to know each other and started dating exclusively. I would say my dating journey was a lot more old fashioned then what my friends were experiencing. As some of them were hooking up with a different guy every weekend. I think today sex is treated with a caviler style where people want what they want, and they want it now. I think sex should be treated as a full course meal instead of a fast food order. It’s what today’s society projects to our today’s generation that concerns me. As today’s youth are sexually active at a much younger age even when I was I high school! And no, I’m not standing here waving my sign abstinence is best as I know everyone has a choice. I believe in today’s world there’s no sacredness to sex. I seriously can’t wrap my brain around Fifty shades obsession that’s sweeping the nation. No, I haven’t read the books or saw the movie but I’ve seen every sound bite that’s flooded the media since it’s release. So I’m not qualified to comment on what Bondage discipline dominance and submission (BDSM) culture is really about, as I’m too vanilla for that and it doesn’t float my boat. From what I do understand about Christian Grey’s character he’s a pompous ass and his mistreatment of Anastasia is deplorable. And if a guy that I was in to treated me that way I didn’t stick around. As always in life there’s choices and to each it’s own. I choose a committed relationship where I’m treated with love, respect, and cherished and to me that’s as sexy as it gets. ❤️

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Jeanine Lebsack

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