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on 20 July 2014

There are times in my life where I have gone without. Without food, proper adult supervision as a kid and got into trouble, I’ve gone without security when my parents separated, and without self esteem when I was being bullied in school. In today’s world we have so much, we have freedom in North America that our brave soldiers fight for daily. We have technology at our fingertips from smart phones, tablets, PC’s and access to Google anything and everything on the planet. It’s truly amazing what happens when we strip down and go without. Without having that temptation of a cookie and instead choosing a healthy snack, going without the need to have our cellphone attached to our face kind of weekend and enjoy REAL time with our family and friends, going without needing anyone’s approval on what we think, wear, choose, or act. We gain so much with going without these oppressive things in our lives. We gain confidence when we make healthy choices instead of sabotaging ourselves when we choose to eat clean and healthy. A great quote that I just read today that resonated with me is
We gain REAL joy and happiness when we unplug from technology and take pictures in our minds. And create lasting and precious memories in REAL time. Although I admit there are times when technology is necessary like for instance, I couldn’t write my blog and reach my lovely followers and perhaps gain a new audience without it. Going without needing society’s approval of how we’re “supposed” to be according to what sells in the fashion magazines gains us so much self awareness, pride, joy, self esteem, happiness, and self worth. Be yourself, be wild, be brave, be loud, be proud of every living breathing alive cell in your body!!! Be unapologetic for creating this perfect you, cast off all your fears, shame, and guilt and NEVER go without what you need in life to make yourself feel whole. Find what makes YOU come alive and I promise you your heart will sing and your spirit will smile. Live and love your truth and choose NOW to go without the negative, breathe in the positive, and start loving yourself like the beautiful creation that you are. ❤️

Today’s Sunday confession brought to my new addiction check out her rocking blog and the fun and fearless bloggers that link up. Smooches and hugs on your journey. ?

4 Responses to “Without”

  1. We do gain so much by losing the negativity in our lives!

    Lovely and uplifting post 🙂

  2. Hot Ash says:

    Thanks for being here for another week! I really should unplug and make memories more.

    • jsack1 says:

      You’re welcome Ash, thanks for having me!!! It’s something that I call a work in progress with my family. But the benefits are worth it. ?

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