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Welcome to my blog where I share my special needs parenting journey with my heart, truth, and love, one story at a time. ❤️

Welcome to House of a Writer!

I’m Jeanine- a freelance writer, storyteller, who navigates a sensory overloaded world by sharing one story at a time. I’m a special needs parent, mental health and autism awareness advocate. I’m a proud, hockey loving Canadian booklover. And colouring and writing helps keeps me sane. I’m happily married and my family keeps me inspired, loved; and able to share my journey in the blogging world. I’m on a never ending quest to drink a hot cup of tea, while closing the browser tabs in my ADHD brain.

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Recent Posts

  • My spirit animal-Insomnia
    I watch you in the dark of the night I don’t know if I like you or love you… As you prowl through my thoughts I scream with all my might “You don’t own me!” Yet here we are in this dance between wide […]
  • Irish in my heart
    Join me as I celebrate my Celtic heritage and the story of my ancestors on this St. Patrick’s and share a piece of my Irish heart.
  • The birthday party
    When you’re a parent to a child with autism a birthday party invite can be both something to be excited about and something to worry endlessly about.
  • 5 years of finding myself on WordPress
    I was so excited when I saw the announcement achievement from WordPress in my notifications. I should’ve planned something wonderful like a giveaway, a party, maybe even had a glass of bubbly champagne to celebrate. But no I did none of those things, I […]
  • Mindfulness in the mirror
    I love the night time, when I’m finally alone and the moon is my only company. I love to read and write when I feel inspired with the moonlight as my muse. When everyone else is sleeping I hear the gentle sounds of snoring […]

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